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VH3 would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas 2008 & a Very Hashy New Year in 2009. VH3 would love a Christmas present from all you folks... how about some hares for 2009?

So during Xmas you eat, drink & be merry... well you can continue at the VH3 IRISH BREAKFAST at the Dubliner on Sunday 28th December.... go on... you know you want to be there... 11:30 is a good time :)

Merry Christmas


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Thought it might be a good idea to remind old & new what Hashing really is..... have a look at this link from UK Hashing:)

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Britain is well known for traffic & travel difficulties... leaves on rail tracks stop the trains, a couple of centimetres of snow brings the country to a standstill... and now we have the latest... beer & marshmallows have closed a major highway.. the M42...

Part of the M42 is shut after a six-vehicle crash sent marshmallows and beer spilling out onto the carriageway.... according to the BBC:

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VH3 IRISH BREAKFAST - NOVEMBER 30th (to be sure, to be sure!)

It's time to fatten up again with nice thick Irish Sausages, bacon eggs and a wee cup of tea:)

It's Irish Breakfast time...

Sunday November 30th, 11:30* ish at the DUBLINER.

* the 11:30 is 'ish' coz we all know how good time keeping is:)

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Good afternoon everyone,
Rain, snow, or sun . . . Planning to set a Hash for this Sunday at Vingio Park. Hopefully, being close to town, many will be able to make it despite the weather. Let's meet at the entrance to the park on M.K. Ciurlionio gatve at 11:30 on Sunday morning.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

See you there.

On On!


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Hi Hashers,

We had a hash meeting last night at the Dubliner to decide whether the hash will continue. 8 people attended and I was very disappointed that none of our Lithuanian hashers came along to support us.

It was decided that we would have a hash on November 16th set by Deep Shag and Squeeky and another on the 23rd November set by either Mary Jam or William. Kiltman will be setting one on the 7th December which is the day after the International Christmas Bazaar at Rotuse and is also Deep Shag's birthday.

Thanks to all those who have offered. Obviously we need more people setting hashes.

One kind person who, at this stage will remain nameless has offered to throw a hogmanay ( New Years Eve ) party and is throwing it open to hashers. You will need to bring a bottle of spirits if that is what you drink.

We are bringing back the credits system so if you set a hash you will get credits and if you attend a hash you will get credits. This means that you can use them to pay for things like social events or T-shirts etc. We will start this in January. There is also talk of a hash Christmas party but we need suggestions for a venue ( place to hold it )

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions then we would love to hear from you and see you on the hashes.

On On


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Next event: Irish breakfast!

Dear all,

Next event on Sunday 26 October is an Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, from 11:30am onwards. Squeaky is booking the table to ensure bacon!

Here is the list of concerts at the Philharmonic. Perhaps if there is a group who would like to go you can get in touch with each other by leaving comments here on the blog. Please use the comments section of this blog entry and don't email as I'm afraid that I have a lot of deadlines at the moment and so can't answer or coordinate by email on this occasion.

Which reminds I am bowing out soon, get thinking if you are free to help run the VH3! AGM soon!

On Ant On Ant On Ant On

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Next event: Irish breakfast!

Howay hashers,

Hooray to those of you who came for the end of autumn trail at Belmontas. It was superlovely, and the drizzle wasn't too bad at all. The trail was bolstered by caches and cash! Ask what that means at the next event: Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Sunday 26 October, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 onwards!

The Hashflash Mary Jam (Pole) took some photos, some of the spectacular HV at the peak of the trail. The photo doesn't do it justice, but if you can get over to the hills before the leaves all leave then do, so pretty! Photos here:

Another note - I'll be moving on soon and next month is stupidly hectic so us at VH3HQ are thinking about having an AGM (despite its name, a rather sporadic affair) so look out for a notice, come along and get involved in the running of the club!

on on on

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Next trail Sunday 12 October


I will be setting the next trail on Sunday 12 October.

Meet: 11:15 at Belmontas in the car park
Start: 11:30
Bring: 10 Lt for beverages

Belmontas, for those who don't know, is a very pretty area with a group of restaurants at the end of Belmonto g.
I hope some of the leaves will still just about be on the trees! We're coming to the end of autumn I fear!

on on on on on etc

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A reminder about the event on Sunday, and a note to say that there will be a car pool:
will be at the bottom of Pilies gatve if anyone needs a lift. No later than 11.00.

On on on on on oN

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Next event Sunday 5 October

Hello hashers!

The next trail will be on Sunday 5 October set by Loose End.
Start is at the bridge in Zverynas (going into Vingiu Parkas), just
off Birute's Gatve. You can't miss it!

Arrive: 11.15
Start: 11.30
Cost: 10 LT for beers, other drinks etc

Should be tip top!

And for those of you who came along to the Irish Breakfast...I have to offer a sheepish apology. Sorry folks, I had a useless week and forgot to book the table. My bad. I had phoned up on 4 or occasions to try to book it, but it was always engaged and my good intentions to try again later failed absolutely. I seem to have a chronic memory failure every 6 months or so, so I send out my apologies and will bring along sweeties to the next trail to make up for it. And I overslept this morning, oh dear. Well, reboot and a fresh week begins tomorrow. Bring it on!

all the best

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Updated time table

Here is an updated version of the timetable

Sunday 28 September - Irish breakfast
Sunday 5 October - trail set by Loose End
Sunday 12 October - trail set by Needles
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast
Sunday 16 November - trail set by DS and PS
Sunday 23 November - trail set by Mary Jam (Pole)
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast

December...shall we party? Get thinking...

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Next event: Irish breakfast!

Hello all,

Next event is another social one - an Irish breakfast at the Dubliner on Sunday 28 September, 11:30 onwards. Table will be booked in the name of Needles.

Thank you to Sqeaky and JK for a tremendous bash last Saturday, and super to see so many people there! Hooray! Hope to see you all at the upcoming events:

Sunday 5 October - trail set by Loose End
Sunday 12 October - trail set by Needles
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast
Sunday 16 November - trail set by DS and PS
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast

I'd still like to find a volunteer to set another trail in November please so do email in and let me know if you can contribute by setting a trail. Dates for the other November hash could be either
Sunday 2 November
Sunday 9 November
Sunday 23 November
lots of Sundays to choose from!

Best wishes
on nom on nom on nom on nom on


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Saturday BBQ

Hello all,

We were holding off sending info whilst waiting for the weather report to come in...and it looks like it's going to be fine. So...BBQ next Saturday starting at 15:00. Should be superfun but do bring a dish of something to contribute and drink.

Please email us by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday 17th) to confirm if you will be coming. Directions will be sent out soon.

And congratulations to everyone who ran in the marathon/half/mini last weekend! Especially in such horrible weather!

see you all on Saturday!
on on on on

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Autumn programme

Dear all,

I hope you are enjoying a splendid September after your super summer holidays.

We will kick off the next season of VH3 with a BBQ on Saturday 20 September at Dailides kindly organised by Squeaky and JK.

Drinks provided will be wine/softs so bring your own if you prefer something different. If anyone wants to bring a dish of something then that would be great. It will be simple fare, nothing fancy. It will also be open to friends who are not necessarily hashers. All welcome! Should be fun and a great chance to meet new people.

barbara @ mikelittle . lt - it is really important that you let us know by Wednesday 17th if you are coming so we can get the right amount of food/drink. Directions will be emailed to everyone who is coming closer to the time.
Before the BBQ there is ample chance to watch some running - Vilnius Marathon is taking place on Saturday 13 September. More info here
Some hashers will be participating so please come along and cheer them along the route! To hashers who are running the marathon - GOOD LUCK!
As ever, to have trails we need people to set them! So please email me with the dates you are able to set a trail The diary is below and I will re-circulate it later.

Autumn 2008
Saturday 13 September - watch the Vilnius marathon, start time 11am at Cathedral square
Saturday 20 September - BBQ, Squeaky, Dailides
Sunday 28 September - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 5 October
Sunday 12 October - Trail, Needles, Old Town
Sunday 19 October
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 2 November
Sunday 9 November
Sunday 16 November
Sunday 23 November
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 7 December
Sunday 14 December
Sunday 21 December - Christmas break
Sunday 28 December - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner

On On!

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...aaaaand relax

Dear all, it's time for the August break, so have fun and see you in September!

Check back in September for details or join the mailing list by sending a request to our email address


on on on on on on on on on on holiday!

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Final event of the season

Hello all,

And so after a full season of trails and events, we come to the finale before our summer break. As ever I'm out of town, but you fellows should enjoy an Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, from 11:30 onwards, Sunday 27 July. The table is booked in the name of Needles.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out making the trails and the behind the scenes support. Your efforts have been truly appreciated! It's been a fun season and the events have taken us to some really beautiful and interesting parts of the city. Thank you!

See you all in September!



pirmadienis, liepos 14, 2008

Sunday 20 July

Howay all VH3ers,

The next trail, on Sunday, 20th July, will start at the ski slope at the crossroads of Liepkalnos g and Minsku plentas. Liepkalnos is the road that starts at Ausros Vartu and goes straight out of town, going past the Lokomotivo sports stadium, a graveyard, and continues until it reaches the dual carriageway. At the crossroads turn left and then left again at the first turning, towards the ski slope and restaurant. Hint - it's the only hill nearby!

Car share meet at 11.00 at the bottom of Pilies, be on time!
Be there at 11.15
start walking/running at 11.30 on the dot
10 LT for beer and other refreshments

not sure I can guarantee on-the-hoof catering like Last Virgin!
Loose End

note from Needles - this is a supernice area AND the last VH3 trail of the season! Final event will be an Irish Breakfast on 27 July at The Dubliner then August sees holiday time!

Look at the Vilnius 3H for up to date information:

sekmadienis, liepos 13, 2008

Best H3 trail ever!

Hi all,

I name today's event Best H3 trail ever! Thank you Liliana, it was fantastic! We collected blueberries, wild strawberries and the odd mystery mushroom as we went along what I think must have been the slowest trail ever! I just finished eating the berry crumble I made with the fruits of this morning's trail!

Next event is a trail set by Loose End on Sunday 20 July, details soon...

on on

antradienis, liepos 08, 2008

Next event Sunday 13 July

Dear Hashers,

This Sunday‘s hash will be near Liliana‘s summerhouse in Karaciunai (see the attached map), so that if it rains we would be able to hide under the roof. And perhaps we will be able to have sausages on fire, if wanted.

How to get there:

Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past Plento Baras and continue further until the road gets narrower (two lanes instead of four), then after some 900 metres turn right to Karaciunu street (at the turn you will see a big poster advertising Topeliu water sports). Then go about 300 metres and turn right again before the gray fence, go another 50 metres and park there in front of the wood.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.

You may get there by bus 17 or 39. I do not know if in summer the car pool will be operating, hopefully somebody will be so kind and go there with car, then – if lifts are required you could meet at the bottom of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:02 – you will not find anybody waiting there).

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch will be decided later on. It means one option is the sausages on fire, another option may be the Caucasian Bar not far from the Karaciunai bus stop.

On on

Note from Needles: an email will go out about the car pool - if you can take some people please drop an email over to and I hope there will be some folks able to, I for one need a lift! Also I'll let everyone know about the lunch then too - both bbq and cafe are good plans!

antradienis, liepos 01, 2008

Next event Sunday 6 July

Hello July, hello all,

The first event of the month will be on Sunday 6 July. I'm setting the trail and it will start at 11:30 prompt from bottom of Pilies gatve. Meet at 11:15 with 10 Lt to cover beverages!

iki on on iki on on iki on on


ketvirtadienis, birželio 19, 2008


Hey all,

I've not had any volunteers to cover this Sunday so there won't be an event. I have, however, got a brimming programme for July...but first the end of June:

Sunday 29 June - Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 onwards, table booked under Needles

So to July. This is our last month of activity before the summer break in August - we have something on each weekend so hope to catch those of you in town! The trails of the past few months have taken us into some particularly pretty parts of Vilnius - unknown parks, hills with spectacular views across the rivers and forests. They've been well worth coming along to!

Sunday 6 July - trail by Needles
Sunday 13 July - trail by Last Virgin
Sunday 20 July - trail by Loose End
Sunday 27 July - Irish Breakfast

and we get to rest for the whole of August! Info for the starting points of the trails will be emailed closer to the time of each event and posted on the Blog.

On on on

trečiadienis, birželio 18, 2008


Hello all,

I'm afraid that the hare for the 22 June is unable to set the anyone else available and willing to take their place? If you are able to, just drop me an email.

There will still be the Irish breakfast on Sunday 29 June in The Dubliner from 11:30am nom nom nom

July events:

6 July - Hare Needles (me!)
13 or 20 July - possibly a trail, but we need a hare!
27 July - Irish breakfast...the last event before the summer break!

on on on on

antradienis, birželio 03, 2008

Next event - trail and BBQ - Sunday 8 June

Dear all,

Here is t'info for the weekend's events kindly set by Squeeky and JK. It is a trail starting at 11:30 prompt and BBQ afterwards! We need to know numbers before hand so please RSVP - email us here at vilniushhh @ gmail . com
Go along Savanoriu.
Up the hill
Take the Trakai road
Through 2 sets of traffic lights
300 meters after 2nd set, bear right and take the A4 towards Druskininki
Shortly after the 27 kilometer marker, take the road off to the right
signposted "Rudiskes 12"
Follow that road for 8 km, through the village of Bakieriskes, past the
roads to Paluknys and Zeronys
After 8 km on the forest road, there's a camp sign on the right with the
name "Harmonie"
100 meters after the sign, take the small road to the left, as though
going to the camp site.
Bear right, and follow that road for 1 km, over the little bridge,
straight on through the village, and the bbq is at the house on the
right - the one with the red roof
That's all you need to know to get there, but remember to RSVP!

on on on on on on on
Needles, who won't be able to come, boo.

pirmadienis, gegužės 19, 2008

Next event Irish Breakfast, Sunday 25 May

Hello all,

The trail on Sunday was fantastic! An all-female cast turned out for a really supernice trail through the woods and cliffs near the tv tower and some of the views at the top of the cliffs overlooking the river were really spectacular, I certainly enjoyed it. And it was extra good as it didn't rain and although warm, in the trees it was quite fresh! Thanks to Silvertongue for setting the route!

The next trail will be...the one made with ketchup on your plate as it is time for the monthly Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 am onwards. I've booked a table in the name of Needles, but yet again I am out of town, so enjoy!

We have a nice programme for June which I will circulate later, but I am still looking for volunteers for July before we have August off for the summer break.

If you would like to set a trail you don't have to do it alone - either get together in pairs or threes, or just send an email and we can matchmake trail-setters! As a thank you to the hare you don't have to pay the 10Lt for the event you set the trail for (something we've done for a long time but always worth mentioning again!)

The dates to choose for July are:
Sunday 6 July
Sunday 13 July
Sunday 20 July
Sunday 27 July - Irish breakfast

Enjoy breakfast, and see you all in June!

On on on

trečiadienis, gegužės 14, 2008

Sunday 18th May

The next Hash is on Sunday 18th May.

Let's meet at 11:15 at the Maxima car park in Karoliniskes, which is next to the Karolina Hotel. It's at the bottom of square H4 on the Vilnius city map.

Public transport:
trolleybuses 1 & 3 from the station or Pamenkalnio g. go to Kometa stop. From both stops, you have to cross in an eastwards diretion to the Maxima/hotel. Trolleybus 16 also runs from the station to Karoliniskes stop.

Car share - meet at the bottom of leave at exactly 11am so be there on time! And if you have a car please help out giving lifts as this one is a bit far out, man.

My phone number is 8689 60404.


Silver Tongue.

antradienis, balandžio 29, 2008

Next event 4 May in Valakupiu/Turniskes

Dear all,

I hope the Sunday breakfast was tasty good! Now is the time to burn off those calories with the next event! The weather is looking good so I hope to see a lot of you there! Here are the directions:

The next hash will take place on Sunday, 4 May in Valakupiu/Turniskes.

It's beyond the end of Antakalnio, and a bit difficult to describe off
the map.....basically in your car you go straight past the bus station
(don't go to Nemencines) and go straight on, crossing the very main
road (Karelviu g joining Milausiaus g). YOU GO STAIGHT ON into
Lizdeikos gatve. After about 300 m this takes a slight bend to the
left, before, after another 500 m or so it naturally turns right and
becomes Vaidilutes gatve. Follow it for about a km and you find a
little carpark, just as the road takes another turn to the right. So
my map tells me.

My phone number is 86827702 (and Joachim, if you are an hour late,
tough!). I hope to have found it myself by then!

Meet at 11.15
Start walking/running at 11.30 prompt
Cost: 10 Lt for drinks and entertainment

Loose End

Car share - meet at the bottom of leave at exactly 11am so be there on time! And if you have a car please help out giving lifts as this one is a bit far out, man.

on on on on on on on on on on onoooooooooonnnnn


sekmadienis, balandžio 13, 2008

Next trail...made of ketchup! Irish Breakfast, 27 April

Hello all,

Today's trail was super! It took us up and round a really pretty part of Vilnius at the end of Subacius that I've never seen before. The park had some really nice views and I think I will def hop back to see the Pushkin museum. Thanks for Last Virgin for setting the runners and walkers trails. Hooray! At it didn't rain at all, winner!

We have a week off next week, and then on 27 April it's time for a well-earned Irish Breakfast. Meet at 11:30 at The Dubliner, Dominikonou 6.

May and June have a full bill of events, but I would still like a couple of people to volunteer to set trails in July so we can have a complete season before the summer break in August. To volunteer just drop me an email at with the date that works for you.

on on nom nom on on nom nom on on nom nom on on


pirmadienis, balandžio 07, 2008

Next event Sunday 13 April

Dear Hashers,

This Sunday‘s hash will be in Markuciai.

How to get there:

By public transport: bus No. 10 – to the very end of the bus line,
Markuciai stop. In town the bus stops are at Zaliasis tiltas, Karaliaus
Mindaugo, Arkikatedra.

By car: go straight by Subaciaus street, do not cross the Vilnele River
for Olandu or Batoro street. Still go on straight by an old winding
Subaciaus street. You will see the entrance to Markuciai park. Car
parking is on the left from the entrance.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers
and drinks.

And remember the car pool– if lifts are required then meet at the bottom
of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:01 – you will not find
anybody waiting there). Hopefully Barbara and Mike will help us with
lift, as they usually kindly do. And please, those whose route will be
passing the place – stop there too – may be your help for a lift will be
needed as well.

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch place will be defined when we meet in Markuciai.

On on

Previously on VH3

Here's a quick report from Squeaky about last Sunday's event...use the comments section to add any thoughts!

The hash on Sunday at Zverynas set by Silvertongue was brilliant. A lovely day and beautiful scenery. A nice crowd also turned up. We had lunch at a place called Verandah which turned out to be a very pleasant place indeed.

Next event in Sunday 13 April...details coming soon!

trečiadienis, balandžio 02, 2008

Dear Hashers,
Anyone intending to go to the hash on Sunday ( Squeaky and Jauciu will be there ) and who needs transport, meet at the Cathedral end of Pilies for 11.00. One minute after 11.00 and we will have gone. Otherwise meet at the hash meeting place for 11.15 - start time is 11.30.
On on,

antradienis, balandžio 01, 2008

Next event Sunday 6 April

Dear All,

The Hash on 6th April will be in Karoliniskiu Parkas/Slaitas. Let's meet at Zveryno Ziedas, the car park/terminus for buses 11 & 32 on Seliu g. in Zverynas. Ref G6 on the Vilnius city map (if you have the 1:20,000 version as I do).The car park is free but not guarded.
By public transport from town, trolleybuses # 1,3 & 7 and bus #11 from 'Islandijos' stop at the start of Pamenkalnio. They go along Pamenkalnio, over the river & turn right through Zverynas. Then they turn left onto Seliu g. Get off the trolleybus here ('Seliu' stotele), across the road from IKI. Cross, and with IKI on your left head to the car park ~100m up to your left. If you take the bus, stay on till the end of the line, in the car park. ( for more info - times, etc).
See you Sunday!
Fiona/Silver Tongue
Mob: +370 689 60404

If folks want to car pool then please leave a comment on the blog to get in touch with each other!

On on on on on on on yada yada

pirmadienis, kovo 31, 2008

Next door neighbours

Warsaw Hash is celebrating 25 years of hashing with a long weekend on the 1st May bank holiday weekend (1st May is bank holiday in Poland).
They hope as many guests can go and join them for the events.
Any questions - you can contact Smutly @ hotmail . co . uk

If anyone from VNO wants to go, then leave your name in the comments section of this blog and we can get you all in touch with each other to arrange sharing transport.

on on do polska

ketvirtadienis, kovo 20, 2008

Next event Easter Monday

Hello all,

Next HHH event is Easter Monday, a chance to burn off some of the chocolate eggs consumed on Easter Sunday!

Meet 11:15 at the entrance to Vingis Park on Ciurlioniu g. for an 11:30 start.

And some dates for your diary

Date Hare
Sunday 6 April Silvertongue
Sunday 13 April Last Virgin
Sunday 20 April Day off!
Sunday 27 April Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 4 May Loose End
Sunday 11 May Day off!
Sunday 18 May Silvertongue poss
Sunday 25 May Irish breakfast, The Dubliner

More info soooon!

on on ± on on ± on on


penktadienis, vasario 22, 2008


It is with regret that I have decided to resign as blogmaster for the Vilnius HHH. Over the last year I have been discouraged by the lack of support from members of VHHH. Numbers attending HHH activities have fallen & the number of actual Hashes held has dropped.

It has been said often enough on this blog and elsewhere that the Hash cannot expect the same two or three people to do everything. Lots of people come up with ideas about how to improve the Hash numbers.... but no one is prepared to back thier ideas with action.

Kiltman has decided enough is enough.... time for others to take thier share.

So long and thanks for all the fish:)

šeštadienis, sausio 26, 2008

HASH 320 - SUNDAY 27th

Next Sunday's Hash is an active hash!

Not one where you sit on your butt piling on the calories, but where
you move it and work off a few, if we have anything to do with it
(before going in and ....)!

So be there!

Meeting time: 11.15 for an 11.30 sharp start
Cars pick up at the bottom of Pilies at 11 sharp (if you miss them,
you can still manage to run to the meeting point)
Cost: a flat 10 LT for drinks, regardless of how much or little you
drink, 5lt for children

Meeting point:
It's the bridge in Zverynas that goes over to Vingio parkas; it's in
Birutes g.. Plenty of car parking spaces. You go on the main route
into Zverynas, and you turn (right or left, depending which direction
you come from) at Moniuszko, or Pusu or Treniotos or Traidenio gatve
and go as far as you can, and you'll see the suspension bridge (if you
don't know what is a suspension bridge think Golden Gate bridge). If
instead you see the Parliament and two bridges you have turned the
wrong way, but Zverynas is not big.

Fiona and Beate

tel +370 6 8627702

antradienis, sausio 08, 2008

HASH 319 - Sunday 13th January

SQUEAKY & YK have agreed to act as Hares for Hash 319 this Sunday. Not sure exactly where yet but DeepShag will send an email out before the weekend.... so check your 'inbox'.

trečiadienis, sausio 02, 2008



We plan to run hashes in January as below.... but we need hares so someone needs to volunteer:)

Hash 319 - January 13th
Hash 320 - January 27th

HASH Irish Breakfast - Dubliner January 20th at 11:00 am

HASH Bowling Evening - Akropolis Tuesday January 29th at 19:00 pm