trečiadienis, kovo 31, 2010


I was having a Hash House Harriers brunch at Tres Mexicanos today and a very dear friend who I had not seen for a while started to talk about the great evenings we had last year at various restaurants.  Between us we decided to do this again, so, the first Evening Munch Bunch will be on Saturday 17th April at 19.00. at Sues Indian Raj.

This is for spouses, family and friends - male and female - and is a lot of good social fun.

Please join us.

Needless to say I need names so that I know how many to book for - latest 15th April.

Have a great week ( for me it just cannot be any worse than the last one )

Yesterday I saw the first - for me - four storks flying overhead.  Our member Liliana told me that seeing them flying was good news and meant I would not get pregnant!!!!!   Ha!  Little does she know I don't need storks for that

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