penktadienis, vasario 27, 2009


Details of the HASH this Sunday below.... if a lift is needed be at bottom of Pymlio at 11:00. Usual 10 lts for drinks etc etc. Parking at the little Red Flag................

Trail by a daft Scotsman....

trečiadienis, vasario 11, 2009


Someone has suggested we set up a FACEBOOK page for Vilnius HHH..... any thoughts on this? Kiltman is quite happy to set it up....

Also it's likely we'll have an AGM (Annual General Meeting) soon.... we haven't had one for sometime.... info to follow....

Also someone offered to set a trail on last Sunday in Feb (21st I think). Anyway that's normally IRISH BREAKFAST.... so the BREAKFAST can be delayed until after the Hash!!!!!

Comments below please:)

trečiadienis, vasario 04, 2009


Dear All,

Welcome to the first VH3 Hash of 2009. We are being highly original & going to run / walk in Vingis Park :) Kiltman is the hare.

Meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel entrance to the Park (by the German Cemetary) at 11:15 for an 11:30 start.

Usual fee of 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc etc...

Lets get a lot out in the wintery weather.... the trail will go to some non-normal parts :) :)

ON, ON afterwards at Amatininku in Town Hall Square... we should be there from around 13:00 to 13:30....

On, On.... if you can't find the start point.... then you could phone Kiltman... 653 10009... but he'll just have a laugh coz it's impossible not to find!!!!!


PS - if you think you have read this before .... you have :) :)