pirmadienis, sausio 29, 2007

Notes for your diaries

Howay all,

In the absence of our dear Kiltman (wasn't it great that the BCC arranged such an elaborate send off at the Reval last Saturday!) I (Needles) will be at the helm for the blog.

Here are some notes for your diaries:
The next Wednesday social on 31 January has been cancelled as our fearless leaders are away. Folks are still welcome to get together at Amantininkiu anyway, but at your peril...

There will not be a trail on Sunday 4th February, it will be one week later on Sunday 11th February instead (starting at 11:15, car share at 11:00 at the bottom of Pilies). This is because our naughty hare Flower Power is unnable to do the 4th.

The Pub Quiz is on Monday 5th Feb at The Pub, Dominikonou 9, starting at 19:30. The H3 always have a team so come along!

And finally...Squeaky has booked 2 lanes for bowling on Wednesday 21st February from 20:00–22:00. Please let us know if you want to come in advance. Apparently young Torin was the star last time with a little help from Mary Jam.

And so concludes the H3 update. - Needles (with her love of brackets, it's like hugging words)


Kiltman is saying 'goodbye' for a bit as he's away to Cuba until the middle of March:) Hopefully someone will keep this blog up dated????

You'll find a few photos from the Burn's Night on flikr.

trečiadienis, sausio 24, 2007


On the 18th February there is a pancake festival at Rumsiskes. The fun starts at 12.00 with games etc. We are proposing to get people with cars to offer their services. I need to know how many people would like to go and I would like you to tell me by the 10th February so that we can arrange the transport.

Due to the success of the bowling at Akropolis on Saturday we are going to arrange another bowling event.

This time we will be holding the event on a weekday and for two hours instead of one hour. Wednesday 21st February from 20.00 to 22.00. Please let me know who would like to go so that I know how many lanes to book. Again I need to know by the 10th February as Jauciu and I will be in Kiev for a few days after that.

Enjoy the snow!!


pirmadienis, sausio 22, 2007


We are always needing 'hares' to set the Hash Trails.... so here is the list of the people who have 'hared' in the last year.... some more than others :) Remember... no hares, no hashes :)

Dr. Dirty 2
Loose End 3
Boggers 11
J K and S V 2
Yap Yap 1
Dr. Dolittle 2
Kiltman 6
Flower Power 1
G O T and Leap Year 2
Roadrunner 2
Laslo 2
Santa 1
Last Virgin 2
Needles 1
Silvertongue 1
Lawyer 1
Vidal 1
Kelly 1
Rolandas 1

sekmadienis, sausio 21, 2007


It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli bacteria, which is found in feces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop! However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine (or rum, whiskey, Vodka, beer or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting.

It is because of this process, that the bacteria is killed. Therefore, it is better to drink wine and talk shit, than it is to drink water and be full of shit.

There is no need to thank me for providing you this valuable information, I am doing it as a public service.


Vilnius HHH has now had it's 300th run... yippee :) A new area for the Hash - a beatuiful clean forest for a change (much rubbish generally lies around normally). It might be the middle of deep, dark winter but this is winter 2007 and hardly a drop of snow to be seen and temperatures of +4.5! We almost had a Christening but decided to save it for later but we did have 2 celebratarily mugs to present.... one to Reda for her 25th Hash & one to JK for his 50th:) There are a few pictures on flikr... but they're not in a set coz we need to upgrade....

Quizz question.... do all hashers make funny faces????

šeštadienis, sausio 20, 2007

Bowling at Akropolis

16 folks turned up for an entertaining hour of bowling at Apollo on Friday night. Good fun was had by all & the general opinion was that Akropolis was much better & friendlier than the previous location of Hash Bowling (can't remember what it was called). We'll definately do it again.... and soon.. :) Low light was the fact that at 21:30 on a Friday evening it's almost impossible to get a seat for a meal at Bravaria unless it's booked... Kiltman hadn't thought of that so off we all trundled to a new place on Tilto g. call 'Alhambra' with a Country & Western flavour... live music and line dancing... yummy (Also in the absence of certain gents from 'over the pond' it was left to JK to spread his magic spell as he was targetted by young girls:) ) Highlight... well apart from the bowling... had to be Girls on Top disappear to buy a belt while everyone was looking for her to organise food... it wasn't as though her jeans were falling down :) So thanks to Hash Cash for funding the evening out... next time we'll maybe go for a midweek date & a two hour session (but we'd need to ask for contributions for that).

penktadienis, sausio 19, 2007

A Taste of Lithuania

Hashers are very much like orienteers.... we gain a lot of enjoyment by being out in the forests and woods... running, walking or whatever.

Have a read of this article by a young Australia World Champion orienteer - Hanny Alston. She spent some time in Druskininkai in July 2006 at the World Junior Orienteering Championships... The articles reads true :-


ketvirtadienis, sausio 18, 2007

HASH 300 January 21st

Sunday's Hash is number 300 for Vilnius HHH :) So lets have 300 hashers hashing :) There is a location map on the blog... The original parking area is a bit wet so best not to park there... so we'll park in the corner of the cemetary car park... details... Travel out the 102 towards Ignalina... if you reach Ignalina then you have missed the turnoff which is almost at the end of the dual road about 1500m past Baltic America Clinic. The turnoff to the right is signed KAIRENU KAPINES 3 km. The road is straight for about 2km then turns sharp right, down a small hill, turns left a bit & cemerary carpark is on the right side... go to the top right corner.

The Hash will start as close to 11:30 as we can....

Cost is 10 litas to cover beer, soft drinks, water etc etc. Juniors are free... yippee :) :)

Remember our car pool from the bottom of Pilies - cars leave at 11:00 so be there by 10:55 at the latest. (There will be one less car this week as Kiltman is the hare).

Anyone lost then contact Kiltman on +370 653 10009

ON, ON...

PS - suggestion for lunch afterwards is Plento Baras??????

pirmadienis, sausio 15, 2007


January 16th 1707 was the Day the Act of Union was signed by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh resulting in the creation of a joint nation of England & Scotland..... Many people will still argue that Scotland's nobles sold thier souls for English Gold (to get a refund on a ill thought out colonial attempt in South America).

But less of the history & modern day Scotland produces one of the highlights of the World's social calander... Burn's Night... a celebration of the life & works of Scotland Greatest Dead Poet - Rabbie Burns (rumour has it he has a long lost cousin in Israel - Rabi Burns:)).

Anyway... to get to the point of this little post... Vilnius HHH has fully sold it's allocation of seats at the Vilnius Burn's Night on Jan 27th.... in short.... we sold our seats for Lithuanian Litas :) :)


OK.... it's time to start our twice monthly socials again:) Wednesday 17th from 20:00 for Drinkies & from 19:00 if anyone wants to go for a run (Kiltman will be there to run - despite saying after the last abortive attempt that it was the last time).

Those of you planning on going to the Burn's Night on Jan 27th please turn up with a fistful of.... Litas to give to Barbara :)

And in case you didn't know where we meet... then look at the picture at the top of the post... it'll give you a clue. (Amatininku is a smoke free enviroment since Jan 1st.... sadly it's also a Kristina free enviroment as well.. Kiltman cries into his beer:( :( )

ketvirtadienis, sausio 11, 2007


We have booked 2 lanes at Akropolis bowling for an hour between 20:00 and 21:00 on Friday 19th. It's a family show... so juniors welcome (us young at hearts can go and have a beer or 20 afterwards).

Nice to know approx numbers in advance to please mail Kiltman at gordonross@zebra.lt

antradienis, sausio 09, 2007


Our next Hash on Sunday January 21st is HASH NUMBER 300!!! (Have we really done 50 hashes since the 250th last April... or was that simply statistics???).

Anyway we hope lots of Hasher's turn out for this event!!! Will it be snow free?? Who knows with this winter's weather!

Full directions will appear here next week but the PROVISIONAL LOCATION is marked on the map above. (Please check this before travelling)....

On, on.......

sekmadienis, sausio 07, 2007

BURN'S NIGHT 2007 (JAN 27th)

Well doesn't seem like I can get the original post back to the top but if you look in the archives:

Trečiadienis, Gruodžio 13, 2006

You'll find details of the 2007 Burn's Night (info also on links on the side bar). We need names & number's very, very, very soon - closely followed by money! We don't know the exact cost of a ticket yet... last year it was 120 lts - highest estimate for 2007 is 180 lts - but guess it'll be in the middle!!!

Anyway there is the possibility of some sponsorship from a Scottish company that means the cost to Lithuanian members of the Hash would be a maximum of 100 lts (will be confirmed soon). Only applies to Lithuanians as it's developing Scotland / Lithuania links :)


Where has winter gone?? It's +6 at today's Hash but at least the rain held of for a little & the 10 Hardy Hashers managed an hour's exercise without getting wet!!! The heavy rain of Saturday had done a lot to wash away lots of the markings... but hey... it was actually a great Hash!!

JK the RA is in for trouble next time though... somehow he managed to get all hashers in the circle at once:)

Other news was the Burn's Night... we need names soon (look in the Blog archives for December for details) & the Thursday 18th we'll arrange a bowls night... details to follow :)

ketvirtadienis, sausio 04, 2007


Happy New Year! We're now in '007, how very Bond.

Next hash will be on 7 January, in Lazdynai, Gudeliu str., it's next to the Neste gas station. Meet at 11:15, 10Lt per person to cover drinks. Trail set by the fabulous Girls on top. Hope to see lots of you there!

Also for those with out transport remember our car pooling service... meet at the bottom of Pilies at 10:55 - cars leave at 11:00

pirmadienis, sausio 01, 2007


Well looking at the BBC weather stastitics 2007 is a record year already - the record high temperature for January was shown as +4.... Kiltman's car showed a reading of +4.5 on the way to the Hash. It was just like New Year in Scotland - wet & windy & dark :)

Anyway Loose End had set a trail earlier on New's Day & waited expectantly for members of the Hash to show up... did they??? Nope... only Kiltman.... so Hash abandoned due to the weather!!

But a great big Hash thanks to Loose End for putting the trail out... it's very frustrating to put the work in for no reward with no one showing up!!! Lets hope for a better response for our next Hash on January 7th with Girls on Top as the Hare.... Then we're back to our regular Wednesday socials starting on January 17th and (of course) BURN'S NIGHT on January 27th!!!!