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Merry Christmas to you all...

VHHH New Year Hash will happen.... January 1st... 14:00 start... Vingis Park.... down by the singing concert stadium:)

Kiltman is hare.

sekmadienis, gruodžio 23, 2007


A very Merry Christmas 2007 to all Hashers where ever you may be during the holiday season :) Let's hope the snow forecast for today in Vilnius comes & that at least there is some 'whiteness' over Vilnius on December 25th.

Perhaps now is not the correct time or place to comment but Kiltman would just like to add a few lines about what's missing in the VHHH this Christmas:

1. We had no Christmas Party
2. We have no Boxing Day Hash

Why.....???? No one came forward to volunteering to host, help, plan, encourage or in anyway get involved in arrangements for any of these events.... indeed it seems an ongoing situation through 2007 & on into 2008!!!

There will be a New Year's Hash on Jan 1st at 14:00 in Vingis Park [Kiltman as hare] but beyond that & into 2008 we have nothing.

We want to arrange bowling nights and other things... but if no one comes to the Hash then we have no income.... and if no one volunteers to hare then we have no hash!!!


sekmadienis, gruodžio 16, 2007


OK.... so VHHH is a 'drinking club with a running problem' or 'a running club with a drinking problem' or neither of those... :) Whatever your description of VHHH the Vilnius Marathon or Vilnius half Marathon makes a great target for 2008. Being held on September 13th 2008 the course winds its merry way round scenic Vilnius....

9 months is plenty of time to prepare for either full or half marathon... decide to enter NOW :)


antradienis, gruodžio 11, 2007


With the Christmas Season (Festive Season if you are being politically correct) coming & many Hashers going away for the holidays then we thought it's time to start the Hash Breakfast!!

Join us at the DUBLINER at 11:00 on Sunday to enjoy a traditional Irish Breakfast.... eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, hash browns, tea and orange juice.... costs about 30lts all together:)

Highly recommended... a great 'fry up'


PS - Dubliner opens at 11:00 so don't be too early:)

ketvirtadienis, gruodžio 06, 2007


More info slowly appearing on Burn's Night. The floor plan above shows the tables on the main floor. We have reserved tables 9 & 10 - so 24 places in total.

The dancing etc takes place on the balcony (up the stairs near our tables).

Contact Barbara as soon as possible if interested. No exact details on the cost of tickets yet... except there is an increase on last years price (2007) but I can't remember how much they were:)


Details arrived from NEEDLES (Sunday's Hare).... look's like an Old Town Hash... or it could go out along the river... only way to find out is to come along:)

Our next hash will be this Sunday, December 9, 2007. It will start at the corner of Subacius g. and Boksto g.,at the fort. 11:30 start running/walking.

See you on Sunday,
On on!

Guess there's no need for a carpool for this one!!!

Usual cost - 10lts per adult to cover cost of drinks etc etc.

penktadienis, lapkričio 30, 2007


Well VH3 Hash 317 is meant to be this weekend (December 3rd) if my calculations are correct - but not heard anything about it so I guess it's not happening:)

Latest rumours are that NEEDLES has volunteered to be hare for a HASH on December 7th... further details as available:)

Kiltman suggest we have our 1st monthly breakfast meeting on Sunday December 14th at 11:00 at the Dubliner. A full traditional breakfast with fresh orange & black tea is around 30 lts. Watch this Space.....

Not sure about our traditional Boxing Day hash.... we need a volunteer to act as hare.

About New Year's Day Hash.... Kiltman will volunteer to act as hare... 14:00 start time in Vingis Park


antradienis, lapkričio 27, 2007


Ok - it's getting close to that time of next year..... Burn's Night... January 25th or 26th... not sure. Location is at New York we are led to believe.... (OK... checked, it's Saturday 26th January).

Keep your diary free:)

sekmadienis, lapkričio 25, 2007

FULL MOON HASH (White Sticky Stuff)

Saturday's Full Moon Hash was well attended by VH3 standards - with around 10 people braving the elements:) It was a horrible wet night & the hardy hashers found it hard to leave the warmth & comfort of Amatininku for the streets of The Old Town.... but being brave fellows we soon entered into the spirit of things & hashed our way past one of our old hunting grounds (Austukai) which looks as though it will soon re-open as a psuedo wine bar (seats don't look as comfortable & there are no obvious barrels for Kiltman to dance on).

On, on we went for our short little hash to pass our drinks stop at a new wine bar on Traku... BoBo... there must be at least 500 bottles of wine on display... but only 1 version of house by the glass... but Czech Budvar & lots of bottled beer:)

From there onto that Irish hotspot called the Dubliner for a bite to eat.... IceHole made an appearance being allowed out from Belerus & Andy & Lena were welcome newcomers to the VH3.... no circle because it was late & we were inside....

PS - forgot to mention the title..... it could either be Kiltman thinking about his breakfast date with ***** from ******** or the fact that flour turns to glue when wet & cheap flour is in very thin bags that disintigrate a first sign of rain:)

šeštadienis, lapkričio 24, 2007


An early morning run for 55mins round the forests of Sepagine followed by the reason.... traditional Irish / Scottish / English breakfast at The Dubliner - perfect! Where do they get the bacon from ?

2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 2 big juicy rashers of bacon, fried tomato, mushrooms & beans.... fresh orange juice and black tea with milk... perfect...

Kiltman suggests it should become a regular once a month Hash meeting... thoughts???

antradienis, lapkričio 20, 2007


Saturday is a Full Moon so time for a gentle Hash.... not a run, not a pub crawl but something in between in and around the Old Town of Vilnius:)

Starting at Amatininku at 19:00 and ending up at the Dubliner for dinner at around 20:30. We'll manage a quick drink stop on the route:)

Hare is Kiltman.... phone +370 653 10009 if you need to find the pack.

There might or might not be the usual charge of 10 lts for drinks etc - we'll decide on the night:)

ON, ON....

trečiadienis, lapkričio 14, 2007


So this Sundays’ hash will be at Verkiu Malunas. Regular start at 11:30. Let’s meet at the parking lot by the restaurant in the old mill called Vandens Malunas, the exact address is Verkiu g. 100.

This will be our starting point and also a place for lunch after the hash J and there will be a special down down for a birthday hasher!

As normal there will be a car pool from the Cathederal end of Pilies. Please be there by 10:59 as the cars will go at 11:00 :)

Cost is 10 lts for adults... covers cost of drinks etc etc. Kids free

Winter rules:)


trečiadienis, spalio 31, 2007


Hare Kiltman hash 'decided' that Sunday's ON, ON will take place in the Old Town - at

Artistai PUB

Šv. Kazimiero 3

If you don't come to the Hash (which you should) then at least you can join the ON, ON. It's only a short drive from the HASH venue (see posting below) to the Old Town & the bar. For non-hashers I guess we'll be there around 13:30 to 14:00 for lunch & beer:)

pirmadienis, spalio 22, 2007


The Bowling Evening booked for this Wednesday (Oct 24th) is CANCELLED. Only 1 person indicated they were coming!!

šeštadienis, spalio 20, 2007


An early warning.... our next weekend VHHH hash is scheduled for Sunday November 4th. It'll happen in the forest up behind the Lithuanian Military Academy. Start time 11:30.

An early warning.... our next weekend VHHH hash is scheduled for Sunday November 4th. It'll happen in the forest up behind the Lithuanian Military Academy. Start time 11:30.

There has been a lot of work done in this park over the last couple of years and there is now a very good surfaced path network which is easily suitable for kids & walkers etc. There are a few sets of steps up & down some of the steeper hills but in general the entire trail is quite flat.... for the walkers:) Kiltman promises that the runners will know they have thighs at the end of the trail as one or two or even three steep hills will creep into the run:)

Plan at the moment is for a reasonably long trail... but if the weather is bad it'll be shortened:)

ketvirtadienis, spalio 18, 2007


Yes it's the time of year when the Colonials celebrate the birthday of their fighting forces!! The Marine Corps Ball. It being held at the Lithuanian Military Academy on November 10th. Major Pain will be organising tables for those interested in going - email with statement of interest:)

Come one, come all! MSG Detachment Vilnius, Lithuania proudly announces their Marine Corps Ball to be held on the 10th of November, 2007.

Please see the flyer for other important information!

This is a formal occasion and your 100 LT ticket gets you in to Hors D'euvers, a before dinner aperitif, the Ball Ceremony - to include Marine Corps Birthday Cake Ceremony - a full sit down dinner with Avocado and shrimp or dried ham salad, Fillet of Beef, Chicken Breast Rolls with Ham Stuffing, or Salmon and Turton in Filo Pastries (please place order at time of ticket purchase), cake, coffee, tea, wine, juice, mineral water, a Cash Bar and Dancing the Night Away!!

Special nutritional concerns need to be addressed at ticket purchase in order for us to be able to accommodate those with restrictions/allergies, etc.


antradienis, spalio 16, 2007

BOWLING OCT 24th 19:30

Kiltman has booked 2 lanes at Akropolis Bowling for Wednesday Oct 24th from 19:30 to 21:30.

Maximum number should be around 16. Cost will be determined by those that show up...... normally around 15 lts but no promises.

Please email to indicate if you are planning to come.

pirmadienis, spalio 15, 2007


A large group (for VHH) turned out for the BBQ Hash at JK & Squeekies new house in the deep, dark forests about 35km from Vilnius. Kiltman set the trail which was relatively sedate with no great hills in it:) Most of the Hashers were walkers & they were trustily lead by Kiltman junior (aka Megan). Folks were out and about for the best part of an hour which was ok given the cold wind & not so warm teperatures (but not cold enough for the City to turn the heating on)! [ one highlight for hare Megan was picking up a group of 'random Canadian's ' in the forest towards the end of the trail:)]

Meanwhile back inside our two Colonial types had decide to forsake excercise & concentrate on the art of eating & drinking... which they accomplished in great style... PS bbq's a mean bit of meat:)

Next VHHH Hash will be on NOVEMBER 4th in VINGIS PARK.... details nearer the time (but there is also a Full Moon Hash due at end of October)

ketvirtadienis, spalio 11, 2007

OCTOBER 14th HASH..... Timings

Seems like the notice below advertising the VHHH hash / bbq this Sunday forgot to mention timings.... these are (of course) just a little bit important... so:

1. CAR POOL - 11:00 departure from bottom of Pilies (please email if you need / can offer space)

2. HASH START - well allowing everyone to find the place from the centre of town (or center for the Colonials) then the Hash should aim to start at 12:00 rather than the normal 11:30

And of course also forgot to mention the cost.....

10 lts for adults covering all the normal things.... children free:)

Hare is Kiltman...............

antradienis, spalio 09, 2007


Our next event will be a walk/run followed by a BBQ on Sunday October 14 come rain or shine, at Barbara and Mike's place outside of the city.
It will be out at a village called Dailides close to Rudiskes
and is about 35k from Vilnius. We will provide most food and all drink
but we ask that, where possible, a few salads or desserts could be
brought. We are hoping that if the weather is not so good then we will
have a bonfire and I know that we have a large gazebo/tent/marquee
hidden away at the back of the garage. Whether Mike will be able to
unearth it is another matter.

We will need to know numbers and how many cars are available for
transporting people.


Take Savanoriu road out of Vilnius

Get to top of the hill and bear right towards Trakai

Go through two sets of traffic lights

Approximately 300 meters after the second set of lights bear right
towards Druskininkai along the A4

Follow that road passing a café on the right after the 26km distance

Approximately 500m after the café there is a sign on the right

Take that road

Pass through Bakieriskes and pass 2 signs Paluknys 4 and Zeronys 8
following the road to the right each time

After another 3.5km you will see a camping sign on the right 'Harmonie
100m' and pointing to the left.

Take that left turn but once on that track keep bearing to the right.

Follow the road for approximately 1 km through the village passing a
small lake on the left and then a yellow house on the right.

The last house on the outskirts of the village, the one with the red
roof, is where you are aiming for.

Good luck


If you get lost Barbara's number is 8 685 212 43.

sekmadienis, rugsėjo 16, 2007

Forward Planning

Thanks to all those who turned up at Amatininku to decide the next 6 months of Vilniushhh.Major Pain has agreed to help run the hash.

It was decided to have a once monthly hash plus a full-moon hash and more social events.
We are hoping to hold a once monthly bowling night at Akropolis as these appear to be popular with young and old alike.

As mentioned before there will be a hash/BBQ on the 14th October. We will be celebrating two birthdays. If anyone knows of anymore birthday events around this time, then let Squeeky know.

On the 15th December there will be a hash Christmas Party. Details nearer the time.

Dates for your diary

Sunday 14th October Hash and BBQ
Friday 26th October Full Moon Hash
Sunday 18th November Birthday Hash ( Winter rules will apply from here - wear a hat )
Saturday 24th November Full Moon Hash
Sunday 9th December Birthday Hash
Saturday 15th December Christmas Party
Friday 21st December Full Moon and Xmas Hash
Sunday 6th January Birthday Hash
Tuesday 22nd January Full Moon Hash
Sunday 10th February Hash
Thursday 21st February Full Moon Hash
Sunday 9th March International Womens Day Hash
Friday 21st March Full Moon/Birthday/Good Friday/Easter Egg Hunt Hash

If other Vilnius hashers have any more ideas for hash events then let Squeeky know.

We also need hashers to volunteer to set trails.

On On


Hash 313 Belmontas and BBQ

Many thanks to Pubic Stimulation and Major Pain for setting the hash round Belmontas and for organising the BBQ.

The weather was changeable but we managed to dodge the showers.

Welcome to the two new Lithuanian ladies who turned up and who we hope to see a lot more of ( in the nicest possible way of course )

Girls On Top was a star completing the runners course in record time.

The next event will be the 14th October with a hash and BBQ at Rudiskes.

Kiltmen senior and junior will be trail setting in totally new surroundings.

More details and directions will be sent out soon.

On On


ketvirtadienis, rugpjūčio 30, 2007


Capital days begins tonight so how about gathering for a Capital hash
lunch on Sunday 2nd September. 12.30 at Artistai on Kazimeirov which
off Subaciaus opposite the Philharmonic. For the brave ones there is a
lovely courtyard - for the not so brave, we can eat inside.

Another email will follow soon regarding the plans for the next 6
of the hash.



trečiadienis, rugpjūčio 29, 2007


Just spotted below on the In Your Pocket Blog:

Kiltman will be in Amatininkai with a tab:)

It will be illegal to sell alcohol in Lithuania on September 1 this year. The ban will affect all cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and supermarkets. Minibars in hotels will be locked, or will have alcohol removed.

September 1 is traditionally a big day for drinking. We don't totally understand why but it has a lot to do with the start of the academic year. Both students and their parents in Lithuania seem to like to celebrate the start of the school year in the same way that everyone else celebrates the end of it.

antradienis, rugpjūčio 14, 2007


the next Vilnius Hash will take place on Sunday 19th August. (well after Hash 311 on Wednesday August 15th that is)

Pick up at the bottom of Pilies, for those wanting a lift, at 11 am prompt - or you'll need to walk!

Meet at 11.15
Start running/walking at 11.30
Cost for drinks etc 10 Lt per person (less for children)

Meeting place is in Gelvonu gatve, at the car park next to the Gelvonu bus stop facing away from the Akropolis.

Gelvonu gatve is directly opposite the Akropolis entrance; go down the road about half a mile or so; the bus stop is on your right, just before a little dip (where the houses finish (temporarily) on both sides of the road), and there's a market on your left. The name of the bus stop is written on it, I think. There's a wee place to park your cars near it, or, should you wish to drink, you can easily take the bus....

Loose End


Well after a summer of nothingness from VHHH we have 2 hashes in a week.... just like the number 42 bus... none for ages then 2 come along at once....

You can read details of Hash 311 below this post & details of 312 (Sunday) above this post....


pirmadienis, rugpjūčio 13, 2007


Hello all,

Next run is this Wednesday 15 August. It will start from the Ciurlionis gatve entrance to Vingis Park at 19:30. It won't be a regular trail but there will be directions and something to spot en route. Check the blog where there should be a nice little map for the start when Kiltman has had chance to get the info on there later today. Drinks after in the Nightingale in Vingis Park.

(bring your insect repellent!)

Then, Sunday will be the next proper later in the week.

on on * on on * on on * on on * on on * on on * on on * on on * on on * on on *


PS - Kiltman not at computer to put map on - but if you can't find Vingis Park (cemetary) entrance then you need more than a map to help you:)

HASH 311 - AUGUST 15th

Needles is putting on the next hash (311) on Wednesday August 15th somewhere in Vilnius..... information will be reaching an inbox near you soon:)

penktadienis, rugpjūčio 10, 2007


Dear Vilnius Hashers!

We are establishing a Sopot Hash House Harriers. Our Run Number One is planned for Saturday 22 September. We hope to have significant representation from Warsaw, Berlin, Vilnius, and any other neighboring Hashes (Stockholm? Kaliningrad/Konigsburg?). Sopot is an old spa town on the Baltic easily reached by road, rail or air (Gdansk airport = GDN). Please let us know if/how many will be coming. Hotel information is easily found through Hashers get a 10% discount with the hotel at Haffner, Grand, Rezydent, Zhong Hua and Sedan hotels are also conveniently located. We hope to see you in Sopot!

Our Yahoo group is "SopotHash". Find more about Warsaw through the Yahoo group "WarsawHash".

Phil Goss, "Jack Off"
Warsaw H3

šeštadienis, liepos 28, 2007


This is advance notice for a couple of events coming up after the July break.
15th August = Mid week event set by Needles, details soon.
19th August = Hash set by Loose End, details soon as to where, but put this date in your diary.

29th August = Hash meeting, come to Amantininkiu (the man on the barrel) to talk about how the HHH can operate

penktadienis, liepos 20, 2007

HASH 310

Still no news on future hashes. So it would seem that Hash 310 on Sunday 22nd July isn't going to happen.........

pirmadienis, liepos 16, 2007


While doing a bit of business in Sweden Kiltman came across an interesting possibility for a whisky tasting in Sweden in Feb 2008.

Air Baltic offer cheap flight across to Stockholm if booked long enough in advance....


pirmadienis, liepos 09, 2007


This week a British group called Cast Off are coming to Vilnius:

Friday 13 July

17:30–19:30 Cast Off, Warm up, Stretch and Cast Off, meet at South Hall CAC

Join the preparations for the knitting marathon and swap and lean new techniques while you are at it. Borrow needles and yarn, or bring your own, to knit things for the Knitting Marathon.

Saturday 14 July

11:00–onwards Cast Off, Knitting Marathon, starting at CAC front door, Vokiečių 2

Join in the knitting marathon, knit or crochet while running a route leading from the front door of CAC. Bring needles and yarn, or borrow materials when you arrive. If you don't fancy running, then join the spectators that will line the route knitting orange slices and medals for the winners!

penktadienis, liepos 06, 2007


The next hash will be.... sometime soon:) The Hash due for Sunday we thought best to postpone due to the clash with the Singing Festival & the fact that heavy rain is forecast.

The idea of a midweek hash on Monday 9th was not well recieved with only 1 person indicating it was a suitable date.........

So watch this space for news:)

ketvirtadienis, birželio 28, 2007


Our VHHH normally has an 11:30 start... last's Sunday's Hash No 308 was no exception.... except JK had bought a new Hash Barbie & it needed building! Despite Kiltman's advice to leave Amatininku early the previous evening to construct the BBQ JK turned up with it still in the box. Help was at hand however in the form of our own American Military Technologist (PB).... so 1 hour later they were still trying to build the F*****G thing :) :)

pirmadienis, birželio 25, 2007


Major P and others have come up with the suggestion of holding a weekday hash during the summer.... so here's a suggestion....

We hold the next Hash (number 309) on Monday July 9th out at Silas Lake with a start time of 19:00. This will be followed by another HHHBBQ.

Kirsty & Megan will be the hares (with a little help).

If this suits people then please say so by adding a comment.

(above would be subject to weather... so keep checking the blog)

antradienis, birželio 19, 2007


We have a MIDSUMMER HASH - thanks to Last Virgin!!!

This Sunday‘s hash will be near Liliana‘s summerhouse in Karaciunai (see the attached map), so that if it rains we would be able to hide under the roof. And perhaps we will have barbeque there and jump over the fire as it is the tradition of St. John’s Day.

How to get there:

Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past Plento Baras and further. Turn right to Karaciunu street (at the turn you will see a big poster advertising Topeliu water sports). Then go about 300 metres and turn right again before the gray fence, go another 50 metres and park there in front of wood.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.

You may get there by bus 17 or 39. And remember our car pool – if lifts are required then meet at the bottom of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:02 – you will not find anybody waiting there).

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch will be in (or rather at) Liliana’s summer house.

On on

pirmadienis, birželio 18, 2007


It looks like there is no one willing or able to volunteer to act as hare for Hash 308 on Sunday June 24th.... so NO HARE means NO HASH.

We seem to be lacking in people willing to take thier turn in organising the Hash.... is the interest out there or should we just call a halt????

Over to you hashers :)

ketvirtadienis, birželio 07, 2007


Hash this Sunday 10th June. Trail set by PS for first time so let’s give him some support.

How to get there:

Go past the main entrance for Belmontas following the sign A3 Minskas for 4km.

Turn right at sign Puckoriu.

Drive to the first parking lot where we will meet.

Be there for 11.15 Walk begins at 11.30

Cost 10 litas for beers and drinks

If anyone needs a lift then we have a car sharing pool so meet no later than 11.00am at the Cathedral end of Pilies 11.02 and we will have gone.

If you get lost call PS ( Dennis ) 861989992 or JK ( Mike ) 865204005

Hope to see lots of you there.

JK has finished his travels for now so is looking forward to getting one and all in the circle and perhaps christening some people if they show up.




Did our Wednesday Social happen.... no email reminders or comments...!!!!???

Will Hash 307 happen this Sunday??? Watch this space with interest:)

sekmadienis, birželio 03, 2007


Will Vilnius experience an Italian Invasion this coming week???? Will they be as well behaved as the Scots?? Lithuania take on Italy in the Euro 2008 qualifier on Wednesday after a hard fought 2-1 victory against the Faeroes yesterday! Lets all hope for a top quality disply from the Lithuanian side to send the Italians home disappointed (also it'll help the Scots).

And as a PS - avoid Tallinn this week.... hordes of maurauding English will be invading the City... lucky the window boards are still up from the riots a couple of weeks ago :) :)

A week for getting FULLY behind the Baltic States :)

ketvirtadienis, gegužės 24, 2007



If things change then Needles will advise everyone by email.

It's never said often enough... but if you want to Hash we need people to set trails... no HARE then no HASH!!!

Hopefully someone will be willing and able to set the trail for the June 10th Hash.....

pirmadienis, gegužės 21, 2007


Squeaky has decreed in true democratic fashion that the Hash Social Events will take place in THE DUBLINER. Kiltman still argues the corner od AMATININKAI is best... we want your thoughts:)

Post them on the comments !!!!!

penktadienis, gegužės 18, 2007


Just a reminder to everyone about the next Hash Bowling:


19:30 to 21:30


Cost is 15 lts per person / kids free

We have 2 lanes booked for a total of 16 persons. Please advise in advance if you plan to come.... if you don't & you are number 17 then you'll need to sit & watch from the side :)

ketvirtadienis, gegužės 10, 2007


As the weather is very unpredictable this Sunday's hash will be near Liliana's summerhouse in Karaciunai (see the attached map), so that if it rains we would be able to hide under the roof.

How to get there:

Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past Plento Baras and further. Turn right to Karaciunu street (at the turn you will see a big poster advertising Topeliu water sports). Then go about 350 metres and turn right again before the gray fence, go another 50 metres and park there.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.

You may get there by bus 17 or 39. And remember our car pool – if lifts are required then meet at the bottom of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:02 – you will not find anybody waiting there!).

If lost, call Liliana at 861606577.

Lunch will be in Plento baras.

On on

antradienis, gegužės 08, 2007


Coming to a bar near you (Amatininkai) the next instalement of 'Hash Wednesday' !!! You can turn up at 19:00 and enjoy an easy jog round the Old Town... or appear just after 20:00 for a bit of banter washed down with a glass of amber liquid:)

sekmadienis, gegužės 06, 2007


VH3 has maybe been a little bit behind in it's charity effort's over the last year or so.... shame on us!!! Yeah, yeah I hear you all say... we all help the less fortunate in our own way.... but that's no excuse!!! So here's an easy scheme to put together:

We all get those little 1, 2 & 5 centai coins... you know them well... they disappear into corners of pockets & get forgotten about until washing time (MP finds them every 20 minutes:))... so why not stick them in an old clean jar of M&S curry sauce & come December 1st we can collect them all, convert into usable cash & put to a good cause.... GO FOR IT !!!!!!

ketvirtadienis, gegužės 03, 2007


No... it's not Sue's Restaurant... it is, in fact, on the shelves of the little food section of the new Marks & Spensers :)

trečiadienis, balandžio 25, 2007

Sunday 29 April

Here are the details for the hash on Sunday, 29 April:

Meet at 11:15 to start at 11:30. Bring along your 10 Lt to cover refreshments at the end.
It's in the district of Seskine.
Come from wherever it is convenient for you to the big junction of Akropolis and turn to Gelvonu street (it is the one that goes straight forward from Akropolis) and follow the street untill you pass Maxima X an soon you will see a parking lot on the right with the sign for AUTOSERVISAS by the end of it. Here is a smal semi-circle for parking and this is the meeting point for hashers.
On the left in front you will see yellow kiosks - you don't have to pass them, stop before on the right.
For those who are coming by bus, the bus stop is called GELVONU, buses No 53 (Stotis - Fabijoniskes), No 40 (Lukiskes -Fabijoniskes), No 56 and No 75.
And don't forget the at the castle end of Pilies at 11:00 - if you have a car and have spaces please turn up to help give those who don't have transport!

on on on
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

pirmadienis, balandžio 23, 2007

Next events

This week is full to bursting!
Wednesday 25 April we have our jog at 19:00 starting at Amantininku on Didzioji g. followed by social for anyone who ran or not! Drinks from 20:00, Amantininku. Have I mentioned it's Amantininku?

Sunday 29 April, Reda and Beate are setting the trail, it will be around Old Town, details will come later this week.

penktadienis, balandžio 13, 2007

News fresh from the hares:

Sunday's hash will be in Markuciai.
The meeting place is at the end of the bus stop of Subaciaus Street, at the foothill of Puskinas House-Museum at usual time.

ketvirtadienis, balandžio 12, 2007

Next event

Howay all,

A quick note to say the next trail will be set by our fabulous Roadrunner and Silver Tongue.
Meet at 11:15 for a 11:30 start on Sunday 15 April, and remember the car pool if you need a lift will go from 11:00 at the bottom of Pilies.

Place and lunch venue info will be in the next email...oh the suspense!

Love to y'all from Berlin,

PS Kiltman is away again, and so am I, so if anyone would like to help out with the bloging drop me a line at vilniushhh at gmail dot com

šeštadienis, balandžio 07, 2007


A very Happy Easter holiday to all VH3 Hashers.... and what a nice spring weekend it is too - sunshine and blue sky!! Let's hope it last for the rest of the spring!!

Our next Hash is Sunday April 15th... not sure who the hare is (anyone know???). Then it'll be April 29th....

On weekend May 5th Major Pain / Kiltman are arranging an away weekend to Druskininkai (taking in the 10km road race) - if you want to go then contact Major P.

Kiltman is away from Vilnius from April 7th to May 1st and won't have internet access so it's over to Needles to keep the blog updated:)

sekmadienis, balandžio 01, 2007


OK... THE aNGELS WE THHHHHHHHE BEST....................


If anyone is interested there is a 10km Road Race at Druskininkai on May 5th. Last day for registration is May 4th. Kiltman is likely to travel as long as he can get a month of training in:)

Details are available via the link on the Lithuanian Athletics site;

ketvirtadienis, kovo 29, 2007


We have recieved details on an away weekend being organised by the WARSAW Hash at the end of May:

(Quorn H3 and Warsaw H3 away hash weekend!)

25th – 28th May 2007











If you'd want more details contact the organiser at:

antradienis, kovo 27, 2007


Starting point:
Timo Kvartanas - parking lot on Maironio gatve, across the street from
the wooden market stands.

Be there for 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Remember our car pool.... but not much point this week as the Hash is within walking distance of the car pick up point:) :)

Cost for adults is 10lts to cover beer, soft drinks, water, etc etc. Kids free.

Dress code:
Since it's the Day of Independence of Uzupio, show your support and
wear something white! (combine with the last St Patrick's Hash & you could wear a CELTIC FC football top :))

What do you know about Uzupio?:
Study your Uzupio history books and keep your eyes open on the trail
as there will be prizes to give to those who score highest during a
lunch quiz after the hash!

On, on lunch location to be advised.........

If you get really lost then phone the hare MJ.... but coz she's not given her number you can always try Kiltman on 653 10009!!!

sekmadienis, kovo 25, 2007


Kiltman has had a strange weekend in Denmark.... you'll find it just a bit amusing :)

1. Thought flight from Palanga to Copenhagen was at 16:30 turns out it was 15:30.... Kiltman drives into carpark at 15:10.... no worries

2. Hadn't checked location of competitions properly... normally they are at Hillerod north of Copenhagen. Plan was to get car & just drive to Hillerod & then look for signs... same as many times before:) But... in 2007 the competitions moved to near Roskilde... opposite direction!!! Fortunately Kiltman met a friend at CPH Airport & while having a coffee the mistake came out:)

3. Kiltman got a bus from airport to his hotel... but bus driver forgot to tell him when to get off so he went round again... a 15 min journey took 90 mins :)

4. Turned up at airport on Sunday morning to get 13:00 flight to Palanga... discovered booking was made for Saturday :( But lucky that SAS are nice people & change flight free of charge :)

What a weekend :)

antradienis, kovo 20, 2007


We are considering buying a new batch of Vilnius HHH t shirts in time for our 14th Anniversary in mid-June. We could simply repeat the existing design but think it maybe a good opportunity to upgrade the logo & design.... perhaps to link in with Vilnius being European City of Culture in 2009???

Anyway.... the challenge to you all is to design a simple logo for the VHHH and send it to the Hash email address by April 15th (vilniushhh (@) Those designs we recieve we'll put on the blog and take a vote as to the winner:) And the winner will get a prize.... night out with Kiltman (2nd place wins 2 nights out:))

The new logo can be based on the old one... or completely different... only thing is it should mention Vilnius HHH some where:)

pirmadienis, kovo 19, 2007


Ever needed a reason to come visit Vilnius join in the great VHHH??? Well think no more.... from April the 18th we will have 2 of the world's greatest institutes starting business in LIETUVA...

Fist.... Marks & Spencers... and second (and most important) the debut of.... KFC :) Yes... Kentucky Fried Chicken.... ahhhhh.... life is perfect :) :)

HASH 303 APRIL 1st (honest - no joke!)

The picture gives everyone just a very small clue to the location of the next VHHH Hash on April 1st! Rumour has it that IF you can successfully negotiate passport control then you'll find beer flowing in the street:)

And as if to make the 'pun' worse....... we have three of our very own 'angels' setting the trail.... it's a must do event. Full details nearer the time :)


PS - if you look closely on our flikr pages (link opposite right) then you may view some photos of Hash 302................

penktadienis, kovo 16, 2007


We have booked 2 lanes at the Bowling at Akropolis for 20:00 to 22:00 on Wednesday March 28th. This means the optimum number of people will be around 12 to 14:)

Cost will be 15lts per adult.

Please confirm if you are coming.... if you don't and more than 14 show up then you'll be disappointed:)

And for anyone interested the Tuesday evening orienteering season begins on March 27th with a competition at VINGIS PARK - perfect for beginners:) Start times from 17:00 to 19:00 I think.

ketvirtadienis, kovo 15, 2007


Dear all,

The next run will begin outside Plieno Paukštis, Kalinausko 11B (up the hill from Frank Zappa).
Meet at 11:15 with 10 Lt cover, trail will begin at 11:30.
As it's St Patrick's Day (well, close enough) please wear something green! And we'll end back at the bar where they serve guiness.
And don't forget there's a car share from the castle end of Pilies at 11:00.




A gallent band of 8 or 9 Hardy Vilnius Hash Hound Harriers (what a mouthful) turned up at Amatininku last night to share a beer, a coffee and a few not so serious words of conversation. We welcomed a new runner from the US... Lauren & I'm sure she'll be made welcome at future hashes!

Two interesting developments.....

1. Seems Roma has volunteered to take on the task of 'Hare Raiser' - hopefully her command of the Lithuania language will help....
2. Major Pain runs his life to coincide with the cycles of his washing machine... so if he disappears every 90 mins for 15 mins... you know it's to check his washing:)

And details for Sunday's Hash will be available soon... Needles & Kinky Hot Stuff as Hares... it'll be a City Hash... staring somewhere round the Wedding Palace I believe:)

sekmadienis, kovo 11, 2007

The week ahead

This week we have 2 events, hope to see folks come out of hiding!

Wednesday 14 March is the usual run/walk followed by social. Meet at Amantininku at 19:00 for running, and from 20:00 for socialising. Amantininku is on Didzioji (it's too late for me to think about spelling tonight, sorry folks) AKA the man on the barrel.

Sunday 18 March is the next HHH. The trail will be set by Needles and Kinky Hot Stuff...details will be sent out later in the week. Let's hope for sun!

on on

penktadienis, kovo 09, 2007


OK... last time I try and organise something for VilniusHHH.... no-one turned up at Amatininku this evening... I waited from 20:00 until 21:00 then looked in Dubliner and Transylvania... no-one anywhere (apart from Brendan whom I shared a pint with in Transylvania).

So I also quit as any other thing I have to do with Vilnius HHH including doing the blog.... coz apparently no-one reads it!!!!!!!

ketvirtadienis, kovo 08, 2007

The hash need YOU!

The Vilnius HHH needs more hands on deck. At the moment especially after a few folks sailed away, it's down to very few of us keeping things ticking over. It doesn't take too much time to be involved in the running of the club (or the walking of the club if you prefer) but we do need more help as our stalwarts aren't going to be around so much in the coming months.

So, the areas we need help in are:
Hash Cash (Looks after the money ), Hare Raiser (gets the list of who is setting the hashes and gently reminds them when their turn is), another Hash Flash (takes photos), and another Religious Advisor (to get the funnies in the circle)

Let us know how you will get involved by email! It's for the greater good! Aciu labai! Needles


Following on from his long (5 week) exile to the sunny island of CUBA - Kiltman is back in Vilnius from Friday March 9th (well actually he'll be in Amatininku tonight with luck from 22:00)Anyway he'd like to exchange ideology with people over a beer or 3 on Friday night.... will be in Amatininku from 20:00 then will move on somewhere else about 22:00?? What about WOO on Vilnius g? Any reports? (Any suggests add as a comment to this post!!!)

penktadienis, kovo 02, 2007

Full Moon AND Eclipse!

Tomorrow – Saturday is a full moon and there will also be a total eclipse of the moon. The eclipse will be visible around 12. 30 ( providing there is no cloud coverage of course ) We will be meeting at the Dubliner 20.00 for a full moon, eclipse hash.

See you all there!

penktadienis, vasario 09, 2007

Sunday 11th

The run/walk/saunter will start this Sunday 11 Feb at the entrance to Vingis Park by the cemetary at the end of Čiurlioniu g. at 11:15. The trail will be set by the Flower Power (with some help from the Needles) and it is the last trail our FP will set, so hope to see lots of you there!

Remember to bring 10LTL to cover drinks etc. and a hat...winter rules apply!

pirmadienis, sausio 29, 2007

Notes for your diaries

Howay all,

In the absence of our dear Kiltman (wasn't it great that the BCC arranged such an elaborate send off at the Reval last Saturday!) I (Needles) will be at the helm for the blog.

Here are some notes for your diaries:
The next Wednesday social on 31 January has been cancelled as our fearless leaders are away. Folks are still welcome to get together at Amantininkiu anyway, but at your peril...

There will not be a trail on Sunday 4th February, it will be one week later on Sunday 11th February instead (starting at 11:15, car share at 11:00 at the bottom of Pilies). This is because our naughty hare Flower Power is unnable to do the 4th.

The Pub Quiz is on Monday 5th Feb at The Pub, Dominikonou 9, starting at 19:30. The H3 always have a team so come along!

And finally...Squeaky has booked 2 lanes for bowling on Wednesday 21st February from 20:00–22:00. Please let us know if you want to come in advance. Apparently young Torin was the star last time with a little help from Mary Jam.

And so concludes the H3 update. - Needles (with her love of brackets, it's like hugging words)


Kiltman is saying 'goodbye' for a bit as he's away to Cuba until the middle of March:) Hopefully someone will keep this blog up dated????

You'll find a few photos from the Burn's Night on flikr.

trečiadienis, sausio 24, 2007


On the 18th February there is a pancake festival at Rumsiskes. The fun starts at 12.00 with games etc. We are proposing to get people with cars to offer their services. I need to know how many people would like to go and I would like you to tell me by the 10th February so that we can arrange the transport.

Due to the success of the bowling at Akropolis on Saturday we are going to arrange another bowling event.

This time we will be holding the event on a weekday and for two hours instead of one hour. Wednesday 21st February from 20.00 to 22.00. Please let me know who would like to go so that I know how many lanes to book. Again I need to know by the 10th February as Jauciu and I will be in Kiev for a few days after that.

Enjoy the snow!!


pirmadienis, sausio 22, 2007


We are always needing 'hares' to set the Hash Trails.... so here is the list of the people who have 'hared' in the last year.... some more than others :) Remember... no hares, no hashes :)

Dr. Dirty 2
Loose End 3
Boggers 11
J K and S V 2
Yap Yap 1
Dr. Dolittle 2
Kiltman 6
Flower Power 1
G O T and Leap Year 2
Roadrunner 2
Laslo 2
Santa 1
Last Virgin 2
Needles 1
Silvertongue 1
Lawyer 1
Vidal 1
Kelly 1
Rolandas 1

sekmadienis, sausio 21, 2007


It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli bacteria, which is found in feces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop! However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine (or rum, whiskey, Vodka, beer or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting.

It is because of this process, that the bacteria is killed. Therefore, it is better to drink wine and talk shit, than it is to drink water and be full of shit.

There is no need to thank me for providing you this valuable information, I am doing it as a public service.


Vilnius HHH has now had it's 300th run... yippee :) A new area for the Hash - a beatuiful clean forest for a change (much rubbish generally lies around normally). It might be the middle of deep, dark winter but this is winter 2007 and hardly a drop of snow to be seen and temperatures of +4.5! We almost had a Christening but decided to save it for later but we did have 2 celebratarily mugs to present.... one to Reda for her 25th Hash & one to JK for his 50th:) There are a few pictures on flikr... but they're not in a set coz we need to upgrade....

Quizz question.... do all hashers make funny faces????

šeštadienis, sausio 20, 2007

Bowling at Akropolis

16 folks turned up for an entertaining hour of bowling at Apollo on Friday night. Good fun was had by all & the general opinion was that Akropolis was much better & friendlier than the previous location of Hash Bowling (can't remember what it was called). We'll definately do it again.... and soon.. :) Low light was the fact that at 21:30 on a Friday evening it's almost impossible to get a seat for a meal at Bravaria unless it's booked... Kiltman hadn't thought of that so off we all trundled to a new place on Tilto g. call 'Alhambra' with a Country & Western flavour... live music and line dancing... yummy (Also in the absence of certain gents from 'over the pond' it was left to JK to spread his magic spell as he was targetted by young girls:) ) Highlight... well apart from the bowling... had to be Girls on Top disappear to buy a belt while everyone was looking for her to organise food... it wasn't as though her jeans were falling down :) So thanks to Hash Cash for funding the evening out... next time we'll maybe go for a midweek date & a two hour session (but we'd need to ask for contributions for that).

penktadienis, sausio 19, 2007

A Taste of Lithuania

Hashers are very much like orienteers.... we gain a lot of enjoyment by being out in the forests and woods... running, walking or whatever.

Have a read of this article by a young Australia World Champion orienteer - Hanny Alston. She spent some time in Druskininkai in July 2006 at the World Junior Orienteering Championships... The articles reads true :-

ketvirtadienis, sausio 18, 2007

HASH 300 January 21st

Sunday's Hash is number 300 for Vilnius HHH :) So lets have 300 hashers hashing :) There is a location map on the blog... The original parking area is a bit wet so best not to park there... so we'll park in the corner of the cemetary car park... details... Travel out the 102 towards Ignalina... if you reach Ignalina then you have missed the turnoff which is almost at the end of the dual road about 1500m past Baltic America Clinic. The turnoff to the right is signed KAIRENU KAPINES 3 km. The road is straight for about 2km then turns sharp right, down a small hill, turns left a bit & cemerary carpark is on the right side... go to the top right corner.

The Hash will start as close to 11:30 as we can....

Cost is 10 litas to cover beer, soft drinks, water etc etc. Juniors are free... yippee :) :)

Remember our car pool from the bottom of Pilies - cars leave at 11:00 so be there by 10:55 at the latest. (There will be one less car this week as Kiltman is the hare).

Anyone lost then contact Kiltman on +370 653 10009

ON, ON...

PS - suggestion for lunch afterwards is Plento Baras??????

pirmadienis, sausio 15, 2007


January 16th 1707 was the Day the Act of Union was signed by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh resulting in the creation of a joint nation of England & Scotland..... Many people will still argue that Scotland's nobles sold thier souls for English Gold (to get a refund on a ill thought out colonial attempt in South America).

But less of the history & modern day Scotland produces one of the highlights of the World's social calander... Burn's Night... a celebration of the life & works of Scotland Greatest Dead Poet - Rabbie Burns (rumour has it he has a long lost cousin in Israel - Rabi Burns:)).

Anyway... to get to the point of this little post... Vilnius HHH has fully sold it's allocation of seats at the Vilnius Burn's Night on Jan 27th.... in short.... we sold our seats for Lithuanian Litas :) :)


OK.... it's time to start our twice monthly socials again:) Wednesday 17th from 20:00 for Drinkies & from 19:00 if anyone wants to go for a run (Kiltman will be there to run - despite saying after the last abortive attempt that it was the last time).

Those of you planning on going to the Burn's Night on Jan 27th please turn up with a fistful of.... Litas to give to Barbara :)

And in case you didn't know where we meet... then look at the picture at the top of the post... it'll give you a clue. (Amatininku is a smoke free enviroment since Jan 1st.... sadly it's also a Kristina free enviroment as well.. Kiltman cries into his beer:( :( )

ketvirtadienis, sausio 11, 2007


We have booked 2 lanes at Akropolis bowling for an hour between 20:00 and 21:00 on Friday 19th. It's a family show... so juniors welcome (us young at hearts can go and have a beer or 20 afterwards).

Nice to know approx numbers in advance to please mail Kiltman at

antradienis, sausio 09, 2007


Our next Hash on Sunday January 21st is HASH NUMBER 300!!! (Have we really done 50 hashes since the 250th last April... or was that simply statistics???).

Anyway we hope lots of Hasher's turn out for this event!!! Will it be snow free?? Who knows with this winter's weather!

Full directions will appear here next week but the PROVISIONAL LOCATION is marked on the map above. (Please check this before travelling)....

On, on.......

sekmadienis, sausio 07, 2007

BURN'S NIGHT 2007 (JAN 27th)

Well doesn't seem like I can get the original post back to the top but if you look in the archives:

Trečiadienis, Gruodžio 13, 2006

You'll find details of the 2007 Burn's Night (info also on links on the side bar). We need names & number's very, very, very soon - closely followed by money! We don't know the exact cost of a ticket yet... last year it was 120 lts - highest estimate for 2007 is 180 lts - but guess it'll be in the middle!!!

Anyway there is the possibility of some sponsorship from a Scottish company that means the cost to Lithuanian members of the Hash would be a maximum of 100 lts (will be confirmed soon). Only applies to Lithuanians as it's developing Scotland / Lithuania links :)


Where has winter gone?? It's +6 at today's Hash but at least the rain held of for a little & the 10 Hardy Hashers managed an hour's exercise without getting wet!!! The heavy rain of Saturday had done a lot to wash away lots of the markings... but hey... it was actually a great Hash!!

JK the RA is in for trouble next time though... somehow he managed to get all hashers in the circle at once:)

Other news was the Burn's Night... we need names soon (look in the Blog archives for December for details) & the Thursday 18th we'll arrange a bowls night... details to follow :)

ketvirtadienis, sausio 04, 2007


Happy New Year! We're now in '007, how very Bond.

Next hash will be on 7 January, in Lazdynai, Gudeliu str., it's next to the Neste gas station. Meet at 11:15, 10Lt per person to cover drinks. Trail set by the fabulous Girls on top. Hope to see lots of you there!

Also for those with out transport remember our car pooling service... meet at the bottom of Pilies at 10:55 - cars leave at 11:00

pirmadienis, sausio 01, 2007


Well looking at the BBC weather stastitics 2007 is a record year already - the record high temperature for January was shown as +4.... Kiltman's car showed a reading of +4.5 on the way to the Hash. It was just like New Year in Scotland - wet & windy & dark :)

Anyway Loose End had set a trail earlier on New's Day & waited expectantly for members of the Hash to show up... did they??? Nope... only Kiltman.... so Hash abandoned due to the weather!!

But a great big Hash thanks to Loose End for putting the trail out... it's very frustrating to put the work in for no reward with no one showing up!!! Lets hope for a better response for our next Hash on January 7th with Girls on Top as the Hare.... Then we're back to our regular Wednesday socials starting on January 17th and (of course) BURN'S NIGHT on January 27th!!!!