sekmadienis, lapkričio 26, 2006


OK pop pickers... the HASH CHRISTMAS PARTY will be on December 9th at Joanne's house (near Coca-Cola Plaza). There will be food & drink.... so we need to charge 40 lts per person to cover costs!!!!

We also need to know numbers... so if you can email the has at to say if you want to come.... the sooner the better!!! (but certainly before December 10th).

Also if anyone would like to help by bringing a 'dish' (with some food in it) then please contact Squeaky.... with luck there will be some Marks & Spencer mince pies to go round... or better still a Christmas Pudding & custard :)

On, On............................


A great turn out at Verkiai for a top class trail set by Lawyer & Silver Tongue - there must have been arounf 15 hashers there... with some new faces & some old one's returning. The weather wasn't too bad... actually it was quite warm (+9) so a few hashers were caught by 'winter rules' and had to stand on the table with Down, Down's in the centre of our squircle (a term for our loosly defined circle).

We parked in the park this time... rather than the last 2 times at the hospital... Verkiai is quite hilly so the trail was a good work out... over 70 minutes for the runners... Maybe find a picture to put up later!

ketvirtadienis, lapkričio 23, 2006


Kiltman doesn't know so he can't say.... why not? Coz he buggered off home in a moody at about 19:56!!! Why?? Well running down to Amatininku for a 19:00 he jumped the wall near Telekomas and felt a pull in his calf muscle... normally a sign to turn round and go home! But the thought ocurred that at least 1 other person might be waiting to go running so on he continued to the bar.... instantly the request went out to Kristina for some ice... which was duly applied and at 19:00 Kiltman set off to run on his own.... but things only got worse and he hobbled back to the bar at around 19:40... sat about for a bit & the hobbled home in pain to go to bed with 1200 mg of ibuprofen....

Is anyone actually going to bother turning up for a run... because sitting in a bar is much more sociable if your not wearing smelly running kit :) I'll give it one more chance.... if no one comes in 2 weeks time then I'll not bother again.


trečiadienis, lapkričio 22, 2006


Details of the hash coming up on Sunday - the weather forecast looks good so how about a big turnout??? It's a nice place to be on a Sunday morning & the Watermill is a great place for lunch afterwards.... ON, ON, ON......

Laba diena all, here are the instructions for the next H. And don't forget that we will have the car share - meet at the cathedral end of Pilies as 11am prompt if you can give a lift or need a lift.........Needles

Follow Kalvariu gatve from the green bridge exact 6 km to the round about. Turn right Zaliju Ezeru. After exact 1 km turn right to the Verkiai entrance to the park and estate. Leave the tennis court on the right and go straight to the gate (300 meter).
Lunch at the Watermill.

As normal the cost for adults is 10 lts, children are free... this goes to cover the cost of beers, soft drinks etc in the 'circle' and towards our other subsidised events....

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OK it's that time again... Wendesday before the Sunday Hash (details of which will appear here as soon as I know). So for those who want to go for a run - meet at 7pm at Amatininku, we can leave bags there. Those who just want to socialise and have an alus then anytime from 8pm.

For the runners... I thought we'd be out for about 45mins. I'll leave at 7pm on the dot... so if you are late & want to follow in my footsteps I plan to go from Amatininku down towards Uzupio and run down the cityside of the river, through the park then up to the castle if it's light enough. Back from the castle and past the Cathederal... along the big river and wave at Mike & Barbara... up towards the Union place... along towards Vingis (see how time is doing)... back along past the Russian Church, down to Gedimino & back up Pilies to Amatininku & a well earned coke:) And if I can find some more hills on the route... all the better :)

sekmadienis, lapkričio 19, 2006


As you know all Hashes depend on the hares setting the trail... it's a fact of life. If you come on the Hash then you should also be prepared to act as a Hare once in a while!!! We are running out of volunteers. We have no-one offering to be hares past the next Hash which is on Sunday November 26th. NO HARES NO HASH, NO HASH NO SOCIALS.

If you think you can be a hare contact the Hash Mistress now!!!!! (If it your first time then that's OK... someone will help and advise) For info the list of Hash dates is below:

26 November
10 December (Vidal McSwoon)
24 December (Xmas Eve... no Hash?)
26 December (Bridge Walk... Woody?)
1 January (Afternoon New Year Day Hash?) (Loose End)
7 January
21 January
4 February
18 February
4 March
18 March (St Patrick's Day Hash.... On On at the Dubliner... Ha Ha Ha)
1 April
15 April
29 April

Full Monn Hashes are missing from the list - Kiltman is happy to be hare for these when he's here but a the moment it looks like he'll be out of the country for most of Feb & March.


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These ancient greats of Glam Rock (well Sweet are) are having a gig at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius on Thusday December 7th.... Anyone from the Hash keen on going as a group should send us an email before Tuesday 21st & Kiltman will get tickets (which aren't cheap - around 110 lts) and distribute them.... so since KM is going to fork out the cash... no changing your mind once you say you are going.... at the moment Squeaky, JK, Woody, Brendan, KM, Irma & Rasa are planning on going. Email

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Burn's Night is a great evening out & one of the highlights of the Vilnius Social Calendar:) 2006 was an epic... lets make 2007 just as good!!!

Details are hard to come by just now but it'll be on one of the weekend's around Burn's Night (January 25th). As soon as the info is available VHHH will book 2 tables of 10 seats. Cost is maybe about 120 lts per ticket! The meal is good, the whisky was free, the dancing was top class, the music perfect & the night long:)

Tickets will go VERY QUICKLY.... so send us an email NOW if you want to go!!!!

sekmadienis, lapkričio 12, 2006


Around 13 Hasher's turned up on a drizzily damp cold Autumn day for the live Vingis Hash - starting at the German War Graves. Guess what....???? After talking a good game the might of the US Military aka Major Pain and Denis failed to show up!!! We guess they were still suffering from the after effects of the US Marine Ball the previous evening.... altough that's no real excuse as live hare Kiltman was at the Ball & got home at 05:00 :)

So the Hash gave the hare 5 minutes lead... was it enough, of course it was!!!! A twisting cross over type trail was laid by the hare who actually saw the pack on two or three occassions... but was safe as he crossed over behind the pack.... the closest Globetrotter got to the hare was around 100m just after the On Inn mark... so doesn't count!!!

Lunch was had at the baras called 'The Bird' and the socialising continues with a curry at Sue's this evening...

Next Hash will be on November 26th with our two weekly meeting / run at 19:00 on the 22nd at Amatininku (20:00 for non-runners)

ketvirtadienis, lapkričio 09, 2006

Wednesday Run & Social

Well the weather was a bit damp but not the spirits of the Vilnius 3H :) Only 1 runner turned up at 19:00 (Kiltman) but he had an enjoyable run.... up towards the train station, back down, back up and along past McD's and onto the 'new' road... down the hill, through the park, upto the castle, back through the park and up Pilies.... 45 minutes of ok running!!!

Then the socialisers arrived... Woody, Silver Tounge, Major Pain, Brendan, Squeaky, Last Virgin, Roadrunner, Youcha, Irma and Rasa plus Kiltman... so 11 Hashers!! A couple of beers were quaffed, a few sentances were talked and a few laughs were laughed.....

pirmadienis, lapkričio 06, 2006

HASH 294 November 12th Vingis Park

Greetings fellow hashers.... some news on our next outing which hapens to take place the day after the Marine Ball.... aaaarggghhh :) So we are putting American Military might to the test and asking two questions of them.....

1. Will they make the Hash and
2. If they do, will they catch the hare?

You see it's a live hare day :) Start point in the top entrance to Vingis Park just across the bridge by the German War Cemetry. Be there by 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Cost is 10 lts for adults, young hashers are free. There will be runners & walkers so something for all.

On, on for lunch afterwards is down at the bar near the US Embassy.... can't remember the name off hand....

And remember our car pool... if lifts are required then meet at the bottom of Pilies at 11:00 (and that means 11:00 - if you are there at 11:02 you'll be meeting yourself as the cars will have gone :) )

penktadienis, lapkričio 03, 2006


Wilcommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Sveiki Atvykę!

This is Needles bringing to you the new email address! Why? Because Yahoo is horrid, and gmail is best!
Now that's said, here is the latest bulletin from our fearless HM, Squeeky:

To all snowmen, sorry, hashers,

On Saturday we are having a full moon pub crawl starting at Amatininku at 19.30 and finishing up no later than 22.30.

We would like to emphasise that the accent is more on the socialising than the drinking.

There will be an email going out soon to all hashers detailing our thoughts and plans for the next twelve months. All we ask is that you take a few minutes to read it and respond in some way.

Hope to see you on Saturday,


trečiadienis, lapkričio 01, 2006


It's Full Moon time this weekend so it's Hash Time. With the Full Moon falling at the weekend then it's traditionally a pub crawl.... so Kiltman will be the hare.

Plan will be to meet in Amatininku ( Didžioji 19/2) for a 19:30 start... since it's a crawl the first beer will be in Amatininku at 19:30, maybe moving on just after 20:00.

No running, no walking only crawling & it'll be over & done with by 22:30 at the latest allowing for a longggggggggggggggg circle beer to be quaffed by each and everyone of us :)

Coz it's a crawl no Hash Cash needed (we will call at some vegitatarian pubs on the way for those who don't eat meat :) )

If you get lost then just call Kiltman on +370 653 10009