ketvirtadienis, spalio 30, 2008


Hi Hashers,

We had a hash meeting last night at the Dubliner to decide whether the hash will continue. 8 people attended and I was very disappointed that none of our Lithuanian hashers came along to support us.

It was decided that we would have a hash on November 16th set by Deep Shag and Squeeky and another on the 23rd November set by either Mary Jam or William. Kiltman will be setting one on the 7th December which is the day after the International Christmas Bazaar at Rotuse and is also Deep Shag's birthday.

Thanks to all those who have offered. Obviously we need more people setting hashes.

One kind person who, at this stage will remain nameless has offered to throw a hogmanay ( New Years Eve ) party and is throwing it open to hashers. You will need to bring a bottle of spirits if that is what you drink.

We are bringing back the credits system so if you set a hash you will get credits and if you attend a hash you will get credits. This means that you can use them to pay for things like social events or T-shirts etc. We will start this in January. There is also talk of a hash Christmas party but we need suggestions for a venue ( place to hold it )

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions then we would love to hear from you and see you on the hashes.

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antradienis, spalio 21, 2008

Next event: Irish breakfast!

Dear all,

Next event on Sunday 26 October is an Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, from 11:30am onwards. Squeaky is booking the table to ensure bacon!

Here is the list of concerts at the Philharmonic. Perhaps if there is a group who would like to go you can get in touch with each other by leaving comments here on the blog. Please use the comments section of this blog entry and don't email as I'm afraid that I have a lot of deadlines at the moment and so can't answer or coordinate by email on this occasion.

Which reminds I am bowing out soon, get thinking if you are free to help run the VH3! AGM soon!

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pirmadienis, spalio 13, 2008

Next event: Irish breakfast!

Howay hashers,

Hooray to those of you who came for the end of autumn trail at Belmontas. It was superlovely, and the drizzle wasn't too bad at all. The trail was bolstered by caches and cash! Ask what that means at the next event: Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Sunday 26 October, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 onwards!

The Hashflash Mary Jam (Pole) took some photos, some of the spectacular HV at the peak of the trail. The photo doesn't do it justice, but if you can get over to the hills before the leaves all leave then do, so pretty! Photos here:

Another note - I'll be moving on soon and next month is stupidly hectic so us at VH3HQ are thinking about having an AGM (despite its name, a rather sporadic affair) so look out for a notice, come along and get involved in the running of the club!

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trečiadienis, spalio 08, 2008

Next trail Sunday 12 October


I will be setting the next trail on Sunday 12 October.

Meet: 11:15 at Belmontas in the car park
Start: 11:30
Bring: 10 Lt for beverages

Belmontas, for those who don't know, is a very pretty area with a group of restaurants at the end of Belmonto g.
I hope some of the leaves will still just about be on the trees! We're coming to the end of autumn I fear!

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