ketvirtadienis, gruodžio 30, 2010


As you may know some of VH3 are involved in the Lithuanian Whisky Society. Some years ago we organised a short trip to Scotland to visit the home of whisky... another trip is being proposed & all of VH3 are welcome.

At present the suggested dates are: June 2nd to 5th .... 3 nights. This fits with who offer flights from Kaunas to Edinburgh as below:

02/06 Kaunas 06:55 / Edinburgh 07:45

05/06 Edinburgh 19:00 / Kaunas 23:45

One word of warning with Ryanair.... read what it says on the tin:) If you want to take bottles back to LTU you'll need to prebook a hold bag for the return journey:) [today - 30/12 - return ticket was about 380 lts.... it will go down to less then up to more :)] offer a good value express bus service to Kaunas Airport leaving from just outside the Panarama Hotel near the stotis

Accommodation is likely to be in the Ben Mhor Hotel - in the Heart of Speyside

OK..... so we need to firm this up a bit.... please email Kiltman if you are interested . We have said to the hotel that we can confirm numbers etc at the end of March.


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The time of our traditional Boxing Day Hash is approaching. As you may recall, it is always held on December 26, and has a traditional route: from the parking at the Applied Arts’ Museum on Arsenalo 3, we go up the Kosciuskos street, then turn left closer to the River Neris, cross the bridge, again turn left and go back along the river to the Green Bridge, then return along the river back to the car parking.
Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.
If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch will be decided later on. Perhaps it will be at the Erlickas Café, which is situated on the opposite side of the park where we will be meeting, i. e. on Maironio 1 (we will have just to cross a little portion of the park – no more than 200 meters,).

We are looking forward to see as many of you as possible. Remember that it is a good occasion to walk out calories collected during the Christmas time. And besides, you may take your dog too – it will be a good occasion to walk your dog in a nice company and around nice places with beautiful views.

Please, put this date on your calendars – it should be a pleasant walk indeed.

On On Squeeky   8 685 212 43

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Hello everyone,
On Sunday, 31 October, there will be a Hash round the Balzio Lake.
How to get there:
Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past the trolley bus circle, Baltic American Clinic, Plento Baras and further until the double lane road becomes a single lane road. After approximately 900 m, leave the main Nemencines road by turning right to the Balzio gatve. Then go about 4 km straight up to the area of Balzio Lake. On the left you will see the bus circle (now the bus goes further to one more stop, but forget it) and on the right there will be a two or three-storey abandoned concrete house. Still go forward and cross a small rivulet running from the lake, which be visible on your right, and afterwards turn right at once on an unpaved hill – this will be our parking place (in front between you and the lake you will see a wooden cafe).
We will walk/run round the Balzio Lake.
Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.
Perhaps we should remember our car pool – if lifts are required then hopefully somebody will kindly give us a lift.
Lunch to be decided.
If lost, please call Liliana by tel. 8 616 06577.A

pirmadienis, liepos 26, 2010


Barbara is trying to get in contact with Suzanne from the Danish Embassy.... none of her contact details seem to work :(

Any suggestions?

sekmadienis, liepos 25, 2010


Rumour has it that there will be a VH3 Hash on August 8th.... details here soon :)

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Summer comes but once a year.... or is that Christmas? Anyway wherever you are for the summer - enjoy yourself :) Hopefully there might be some VH3 activites organised over the summer... but if not then think about putting something on after the holidays :)

penktadienis, gegužės 14, 2010


Dear Hashers,

On  Saturday June 12th there will be a hike and bike at Rudiskes which is 37k from Vilnius.  The event is to help to raise money for a sports hall at the local school.

My Dutch neighbour Wim Brauns is arranging it with help from me and Mike.

There will be trails to suit all types including children ( and me )

Drinks and snacks will be available .  If anyone is interested then please do let me know as soon as possible as we need to plan the event.  I will then send you more details and directions as to how to get there.

Barbara  ( Squeeky )  8 685 212 43

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On Saturday we had a social evening at Sue's Indian Restaurant.  There were 28 of us, not just hashers.

It was a wonderfully mixed group and we all had a great time.  The restaurant worked very hard to serve us all at roughly the same time and I must congratulate Raj and his staff for making the evening go so well.

Now - one for your diaries.  On June 12th, a Saturday, there will be a bike and hike out at Buclos which is our neighbours place near to Rudiskes.

There will be trails of different severity, some suitable for children.

The idea is to raise money to build a sports hall for the local school.  

More details will be given nearer the time but there will be food and drink I am told and Wim ( the neighbour ) has already got the Dutch embassy on board.

Mike and I will be there helping out so please plan ahead and come and join us.

This coming Sunday 25th April 12.00 we will be having brunch at Uzupis Pizzeria which I am told actually does breakfasts though what they are like I don't yet know.

The Sunday after - 2nd May -  which is Mother's Day in Lithuania, there will be a hash, directions to follow later.

Have a great Spring,

On On

Squeeky  aka Barbara  8 685 212 43

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I was having a Hash House Harriers brunch at Tres Mexicanos today and a very dear friend who I had not seen for a while started to talk about the great evenings we had last year at various restaurants.  Between us we decided to do this again, so, the first Evening Munch Bunch will be on Saturday 17th April at 19.00. at Sues Indian Raj.

This is for spouses, family and friends - male and female - and is a lot of good social fun.

Please join us.

Needless to say I need names so that I know how many to book for - latest 15th April.

Have a great week ( for me it just cannot be any worse than the last one )

Yesterday I saw the first - for me - four storks flying overhead.  Our member Liliana told me that seeing them flying was good news and meant I would not get pregnant!!!!!   Ha!  Little does she know I don't need storks for that

Barbara 8 685 212 43

sekmadienis, sausio 17, 2010


VH3 now have a facebook page.... join as a friend and contribute :) It can be found via the email address of

As FB takes very little maintenance hopefully it'll increase communications... the blog & the email list will still continue as the main places of information on VH3

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A very happy and prosperous New Year from Mike ( Jauciu kaka ) and myself ( Squeeky )

Our favourite Scotsman ( well one of them anyway ) Kiltman will be visiting us next week from Monday to Thursday. So, we thought, how about a mid-week pub hash as we had in the 'old ' days.

Wednesday 13th January 19.00 at Mano Alibi on Totoriu gatve.  Let us know whether you will be joining us so that we don't leave for the next pub without you.

ALSO we will be having a  ' snow hash ' on Sunday 17th January at our house in Dailides with soup etc to warm you up afterwards.  We will be setting a trail through the snowy forest near our house.  12.00 meet to give you more time to get there.  Let us know if you will be joining us and whether you need directions. Also let us know if you need a lift so that we can organise a car sharing scheme.


Barbara ( Squeeky )