šeštadienis, sausio 26, 2008

HASH 320 - SUNDAY 27th

Next Sunday's Hash is an active hash!

Not one where you sit on your butt piling on the calories, but where
you move it and work off a few, if we have anything to do with it
(before going in and ....)!

So be there!

Meeting time: 11.15 for an 11.30 sharp start
Cars pick up at the bottom of Pilies at 11 sharp (if you miss them,
you can still manage to run to the meeting point)
Cost: a flat 10 LT for drinks, regardless of how much or little you
drink, 5lt for children

Meeting point:
It's the bridge in Zverynas that goes over to Vingio parkas; it's in
Birutes g.. Plenty of car parking spaces. You go on the main route
into Zverynas, and you turn (right or left, depending which direction
you come from) at Moniuszko, or Pusu or Treniotos or Traidenio gatve
and go as far as you can, and you'll see the suspension bridge (if you
don't know what is a suspension bridge think Golden Gate bridge). If
instead you see the Parliament and two bridges you have turned the
wrong way, but Zverynas is not big.

Fiona and Beate

tel +370 6 8627702

antradienis, sausio 08, 2008

HASH 319 - Sunday 13th January

SQUEAKY & YK have agreed to act as Hares for Hash 319 this Sunday. Not sure exactly where yet but DeepShag will send an email out before the weekend.... so check your 'inbox'.

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We plan to run hashes in January as below.... but we need hares so someone needs to volunteer:)

Hash 319 - January 13th
Hash 320 - January 27th

HASH Irish Breakfast - Dubliner January 20th at 11:00 am

HASH Bowling Evening - Akropolis Tuesday January 29th at 19:00 pm