ketvirtadienis, birželio 19, 2008


Hey all,

I've not had any volunteers to cover this Sunday so there won't be an event. I have, however, got a brimming programme for July...but first the end of June:

Sunday 29 June - Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 onwards, table booked under Needles

So to July. This is our last month of activity before the summer break in August - we have something on each weekend so hope to catch those of you in town! The trails of the past few months have taken us into some particularly pretty parts of Vilnius - unknown parks, hills with spectacular views across the rivers and forests. They've been well worth coming along to!

Sunday 6 July - trail by Needles
Sunday 13 July - trail by Last Virgin
Sunday 20 July - trail by Loose End
Sunday 27 July - Irish Breakfast

and we get to rest for the whole of August! Info for the starting points of the trails will be emailed closer to the time of each event and posted on the Blog.

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trečiadienis, birželio 18, 2008


Hello all,

I'm afraid that the hare for the 22 June is unable to set the anyone else available and willing to take their place? If you are able to, just drop me an email.

There will still be the Irish breakfast on Sunday 29 June in The Dubliner from 11:30am nom nom nom

July events:

6 July - Hare Needles (me!)
13 or 20 July - possibly a trail, but we need a hare!
27 July - Irish breakfast...the last event before the summer break!

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antradienis, birželio 03, 2008

Next event - trail and BBQ - Sunday 8 June

Dear all,

Here is t'info for the weekend's events kindly set by Squeeky and JK. It is a trail starting at 11:30 prompt and BBQ afterwards! We need to know numbers before hand so please RSVP - email us here at vilniushhh @ gmail . com
Go along Savanoriu.
Up the hill
Take the Trakai road
Through 2 sets of traffic lights
300 meters after 2nd set, bear right and take the A4 towards Druskininki
Shortly after the 27 kilometer marker, take the road off to the right
signposted "Rudiskes 12"
Follow that road for 8 km, through the village of Bakieriskes, past the
roads to Paluknys and Zeronys
After 8 km on the forest road, there's a camp sign on the right with the
name "Harmonie"
100 meters after the sign, take the small road to the left, as though
going to the camp site.
Bear right, and follow that road for 1 km, over the little bridge,
straight on through the village, and the bbq is at the house on the
right - the one with the red roof
That's all you need to know to get there, but remember to RSVP!

on on on on on on on
Needles, who won't be able to come, boo.