antradienis, rugsėjo 30, 2008


A reminder about the event on Sunday, and a note to say that there will be a car pool:
will be at the bottom of Pilies gatve if anyone needs a lift. No later than 11.00.

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Next event Sunday 5 October

Hello hashers!

The next trail will be on Sunday 5 October set by Loose End.
Start is at the bridge in Zverynas (going into Vingiu Parkas), just
off Birute's Gatve. You can't miss it!

Arrive: 11.15
Start: 11.30
Cost: 10 LT for beers, other drinks etc

Should be tip top!

And for those of you who came along to the Irish Breakfast...I have to offer a sheepish apology. Sorry folks, I had a useless week and forgot to book the table. My bad. I had phoned up on 4 or occasions to try to book it, but it was always engaged and my good intentions to try again later failed absolutely. I seem to have a chronic memory failure every 6 months or so, so I send out my apologies and will bring along sweeties to the next trail to make up for it. And I overslept this morning, oh dear. Well, reboot and a fresh week begins tomorrow. Bring it on!

all the best

antradienis, rugsėjo 23, 2008

Updated time table

Here is an updated version of the timetable

Sunday 28 September - Irish breakfast
Sunday 5 October - trail set by Loose End
Sunday 12 October - trail set by Needles
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast
Sunday 16 November - trail set by DS and PS
Sunday 23 November - trail set by Mary Jam (Pole)
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast

December...shall we party? Get thinking...

pirmadienis, rugsėjo 22, 2008

Next event: Irish breakfast!

Hello all,

Next event is another social one - an Irish breakfast at the Dubliner on Sunday 28 September, 11:30 onwards. Table will be booked in the name of Needles.

Thank you to Sqeaky and JK for a tremendous bash last Saturday, and super to see so many people there! Hooray! Hope to see you all at the upcoming events:

Sunday 5 October - trail set by Loose End
Sunday 12 October - trail set by Needles
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast
Sunday 16 November - trail set by DS and PS
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast

I'd still like to find a volunteer to set another trail in November please so do email in and let me know if you can contribute by setting a trail. Dates for the other November hash could be either
Sunday 2 November
Sunday 9 November
Sunday 23 November
lots of Sundays to choose from!

Best wishes
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antradienis, rugsėjo 16, 2008

Saturday BBQ

Hello all,

We were holding off sending info whilst waiting for the weather report to come in...and it looks like it's going to be fine. So...BBQ next Saturday starting at 15:00. Should be superfun but do bring a dish of something to contribute and drink.

Please email us by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday 17th) to confirm if you will be coming. Directions will be sent out soon.

And congratulations to everyone who ran in the marathon/half/mini last weekend! Especially in such horrible weather!

see you all on Saturday!
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antradienis, rugsėjo 02, 2008

Autumn programme

Dear all,

I hope you are enjoying a splendid September after your super summer holidays.

We will kick off the next season of VH3 with a BBQ on Saturday 20 September at Dailides kindly organised by Squeaky and JK.

Drinks provided will be wine/softs so bring your own if you prefer something different. If anyone wants to bring a dish of something then that would be great. It will be simple fare, nothing fancy. It will also be open to friends who are not necessarily hashers. All welcome! Should be fun and a great chance to meet new people.

barbara @ mikelittle . lt - it is really important that you let us know by Wednesday 17th if you are coming so we can get the right amount of food/drink. Directions will be emailed to everyone who is coming closer to the time.
Before the BBQ there is ample chance to watch some running - Vilnius Marathon is taking place on Saturday 13 September. More info here
Some hashers will be participating so please come along and cheer them along the route! To hashers who are running the marathon - GOOD LUCK!
As ever, to have trails we need people to set them! So please email me with the dates you are able to set a trail The diary is below and I will re-circulate it later.

Autumn 2008
Saturday 13 September - watch the Vilnius marathon, start time 11am at Cathedral square
Saturday 20 September - BBQ, Squeaky, Dailides
Sunday 28 September - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 5 October
Sunday 12 October - Trail, Needles, Old Town
Sunday 19 October
Sunday 26 October - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 2 November
Sunday 9 November
Sunday 16 November
Sunday 23 November
Sunday 30 November - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner
Sunday 7 December
Sunday 14 December
Sunday 21 December - Christmas break
Sunday 28 December - Irish breakfast, The Dubliner

On On!