trečiadienis, balandžio 25, 2007

Sunday 29 April

Here are the details for the hash on Sunday, 29 April:

Meet at 11:15 to start at 11:30. Bring along your 10 Lt to cover refreshments at the end.
It's in the district of Seskine.
Come from wherever it is convenient for you to the big junction of Akropolis and turn to Gelvonu street (it is the one that goes straight forward from Akropolis) and follow the street untill you pass Maxima X an soon you will see a parking lot on the right with the sign for AUTOSERVISAS by the end of it. Here is a smal semi-circle for parking and this is the meeting point for hashers.
On the left in front you will see yellow kiosks - you don't have to pass them, stop before on the right.
For those who are coming by bus, the bus stop is called GELVONU, buses No 53 (Stotis - Fabijoniskes), No 40 (Lukiskes -Fabijoniskes), No 56 and No 75.
And don't forget the at the castle end of Pilies at 11:00 - if you have a car and have spaces please turn up to help give those who don't have transport!

on on on
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

pirmadienis, balandžio 23, 2007

Next events

This week is full to bursting!
Wednesday 25 April we have our jog at 19:00 starting at Amantininku on Didzioji g. followed by social for anyone who ran or not! Drinks from 20:00, Amantininku. Have I mentioned it's Amantininku?

Sunday 29 April, Reda and Beate are setting the trail, it will be around Old Town, details will come later this week.

penktadienis, balandžio 13, 2007

News fresh from the hares:

Sunday's hash will be in Markuciai.
The meeting place is at the end of the bus stop of Subaciaus Street, at the foothill of Puskinas House-Museum at usual time.

ketvirtadienis, balandžio 12, 2007

Next event

Howay all,

A quick note to say the next trail will be set by our fabulous Roadrunner and Silver Tongue.
Meet at 11:15 for a 11:30 start on Sunday 15 April, and remember the car pool if you need a lift will go from 11:00 at the bottom of Pilies.

Place and lunch venue info will be in the next email...oh the suspense!

Love to y'all from Berlin,

PS Kiltman is away again, and so am I, so if anyone would like to help out with the bloging drop me a line at vilniushhh at gmail dot com

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A very Happy Easter holiday to all VH3 Hashers.... and what a nice spring weekend it is too - sunshine and blue sky!! Let's hope it last for the rest of the spring!!

Our next Hash is Sunday April 15th... not sure who the hare is (anyone know???). Then it'll be April 29th....

On weekend May 5th Major Pain / Kiltman are arranging an away weekend to Druskininkai (taking in the 10km road race) - if you want to go then contact Major P.

Kiltman is away from Vilnius from April 7th to May 1st and won't have internet access so it's over to Needles to keep the blog updated:)

sekmadienis, balandžio 01, 2007


OK... THE aNGELS WE THHHHHHHHE BEST....................


If anyone is interested there is a 10km Road Race at Druskininkai on May 5th. Last day for registration is May 4th. Kiltman is likely to travel as long as he can get a month of training in:)

Details are available via the link on the Lithuanian Athletics site;