sekmadienis, liepos 30, 2006

Tuesday Evening Orienteering

Anyone who fancy's giving orienteering a go should check this link:

Tuesday evenings start again on August 1st... 16:00 to 19:30. Courses for the good, the bad and the ugly....

Postponed BBQ

Well aren't we lucky that Bogger's decided to postpone his BBQ... coz looking at the weather outside the sausages would be getting a little bit damp. Is that the end of summer??? Should we be thinking about introducing 'winter rules' already???

What will the Guberneja taste like now it's getting the chance to cool down from these high temperatures we've been having??? (the only way to find out is to come along to our next hash on August 6th)

šeštadienis, liepos 29, 2006


August's Full Moon Hash is on Wednesday 9th at 19:30... it's a normal Sunday style hash out at the Lake at Tapeliai.

Head out of town past Baltic America Clinic etc... past the end of the dual road. Last time we went to Silas turning right at the blue or red swimming sign... this time we turn right just before this (there's still a sign to Tapeliai swimming) ... The road goes past Lost Virgin's summer house, through that village , around a few corners, past some trees... then there's a small wooden statue at a junction down to the lake... be there for a 19:30 start.

Hare is Kiltman............

Hash 284 Vingis Park Sunday August 6th

Hash 284 Sunday August 6th
Cass is being the hare for run 284 on August 6th. Start point is down at Vingis Park - park by the little zoo thingy behind the restaurant. 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Usual cost of 10litas for beer / water / coke etc......

Location here:〈=en-US

On, On................................

New Blog Again

Well seems like some people couldn't read the original blog started last week.... so I thought I set up a new one here.....