pirmadienis, gegužės 19, 2008

Next event Irish Breakfast, Sunday 25 May

Hello all,

The trail on Sunday was fantastic! An all-female cast turned out for a really supernice trail through the woods and cliffs near the tv tower and some of the views at the top of the cliffs overlooking the river were really spectacular, I certainly enjoyed it. And it was extra good as it didn't rain and although warm, in the trees it was quite fresh! Thanks to Silvertongue for setting the route!

The next trail will be...the one made with ketchup on your plate as it is time for the monthly Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, 11:30 am onwards. I've booked a table in the name of Needles, but yet again I am out of town, so enjoy!

We have a nice programme for June which I will circulate later, but I am still looking for volunteers for July before we have August off for the summer break.

If you would like to set a trail you don't have to do it alone - either get together in pairs or threes, or just send vilniushhh@gmail.com an email and we can matchmake trail-setters! As a thank you to the hare you don't have to pay the 10Lt for the event you set the trail for (something we've done for a long time but always worth mentioning again!)

The dates to choose for July are:
Sunday 6 July
Sunday 13 July
Sunday 20 July
Sunday 27 July - Irish breakfast

Enjoy breakfast, and see you all in June!

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trečiadienis, gegužės 14, 2008

Sunday 18th May

The next Hash is on Sunday 18th May.

Let's meet at 11:15 at the Maxima car park in Karoliniskes, which is next to the Karolina Hotel. It's at the bottom of square H4 on the Vilnius city map.

Public transport:
trolleybuses 1 & 3 from the station or Pamenkalnio g. go to Kometa stop. From both stops, you have to cross in an eastwards diretion to the Maxima/hotel. Trolleybus 16 also runs from the station to Karoliniskes stop.

Car share - meet at the bottom of Pilies...cars leave at exactly 11am so be there on time! And if you have a car please help out giving lifts as this one is a bit far out, man.

My phone number is 8689 60404.


Silver Tongue.