antradienis, balandžio 29, 2008

Next event 4 May in Valakupiu/Turniskes

Dear all,

I hope the Sunday breakfast was tasty good! Now is the time to burn off those calories with the next event! The weather is looking good so I hope to see a lot of you there! Here are the directions:

The next hash will take place on Sunday, 4 May in Valakupiu/Turniskes.

It's beyond the end of Antakalnio, and a bit difficult to describe off
the map.....basically in your car you go straight past the bus station
(don't go to Nemencines) and go straight on, crossing the very main
road (Karelviu g joining Milausiaus g). YOU GO STAIGHT ON into
Lizdeikos gatve. After about 300 m this takes a slight bend to the
left, before, after another 500 m or so it naturally turns right and
becomes Vaidilutes gatve. Follow it for about a km and you find a
little carpark, just as the road takes another turn to the right. So
my map tells me.

My phone number is 86827702 (and Joachim, if you are an hour late,
tough!). I hope to have found it myself by then!

Meet at 11.15
Start walking/running at 11.30 prompt
Cost: 10 Lt for drinks and entertainment

Loose End

Car share - meet at the bottom of leave at exactly 11am so be there on time! And if you have a car please help out giving lifts as this one is a bit far out, man.

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sekmadienis, balandžio 13, 2008

Next trail...made of ketchup! Irish Breakfast, 27 April

Hello all,

Today's trail was super! It took us up and round a really pretty part of Vilnius at the end of Subacius that I've never seen before. The park had some really nice views and I think I will def hop back to see the Pushkin museum. Thanks for Last Virgin for setting the runners and walkers trails. Hooray! At it didn't rain at all, winner!

We have a week off next week, and then on 27 April it's time for a well-earned Irish Breakfast. Meet at 11:30 at The Dubliner, Dominikonou 6.

May and June have a full bill of events, but I would still like a couple of people to volunteer to set trails in July so we can have a complete season before the summer break in August. To volunteer just drop me an email at with the date that works for you.

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pirmadienis, balandžio 07, 2008

Next event Sunday 13 April

Dear Hashers,

This Sunday‘s hash will be in Markuciai.

How to get there:

By public transport: bus No. 10 – to the very end of the bus line,
Markuciai stop. In town the bus stops are at Zaliasis tiltas, Karaliaus
Mindaugo, Arkikatedra.

By car: go straight by Subaciaus street, do not cross the Vilnele River
for Olandu or Batoro street. Still go on straight by an old winding
Subaciaus street. You will see the entrance to Markuciai park. Car
parking is on the left from the entrance.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers
and drinks.

And remember the car pool– if lifts are required then meet at the bottom
of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:01 – you will not find
anybody waiting there). Hopefully Barbara and Mike will help us with
lift, as they usually kindly do. And please, those whose route will be
passing the place – stop there too – may be your help for a lift will be
needed as well.

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch place will be defined when we meet in Markuciai.

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Previously on VH3

Here's a quick report from Squeaky about last Sunday's event...use the comments section to add any thoughts!

The hash on Sunday at Zverynas set by Silvertongue was brilliant. A lovely day and beautiful scenery. A nice crowd also turned up. We had lunch at a place called Verandah which turned out to be a very pleasant place indeed.

Next event in Sunday 13 April...details coming soon!

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Dear Hashers,
Anyone intending to go to the hash on Sunday ( Squeaky and Jauciu will be there ) and who needs transport, meet at the Cathedral end of Pilies for 11.00. One minute after 11.00 and we will have gone. Otherwise meet at the hash meeting place for 11.15 - start time is 11.30.
On on,

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Next event Sunday 6 April

Dear All,

The Hash on 6th April will be in Karoliniskiu Parkas/Slaitas. Let's meet at Zveryno Ziedas, the car park/terminus for buses 11 & 32 on Seliu g. in Zverynas. Ref G6 on the Vilnius city map (if you have the 1:20,000 version as I do).The car park is free but not guarded.
By public transport from town, trolleybuses # 1,3 & 7 and bus #11 from 'Islandijos' stop at the start of Pamenkalnio. They go along Pamenkalnio, over the river & turn right through Zverynas. Then they turn left onto Seliu g. Get off the trolleybus here ('Seliu' stotele), across the road from IKI. Cross, and with IKI on your left head to the car park ~100m up to your left. If you take the bus, stay on till the end of the line, in the car park. ( for more info - times, etc).
See you Sunday!
Fiona/Silver Tongue
Mob: +370 689 60404

If folks want to car pool then please leave a comment on the blog to get in touch with each other!

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