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Capital days begins tonight so how about gathering for a Capital hash
lunch on Sunday 2nd September. 12.30 at Artistai on Kazimeirov which
off Subaciaus opposite the Philharmonic. For the brave ones there is a
lovely courtyard - for the not so brave, we can eat inside.

Another email will follow soon regarding the plans for the next 6
of the hash.



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Just spotted below on the In Your Pocket Blog:

Kiltman will be in Amatininkai with a tab:)

It will be illegal to sell alcohol in Lithuania on September 1 this year. The ban will affect all cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and supermarkets. Minibars in hotels will be locked, or will have alcohol removed.

September 1 is traditionally a big day for drinking. We don't totally understand why but it has a lot to do with the start of the academic year. Both students and their parents in Lithuania seem to like to celebrate the start of the school year in the same way that everyone else celebrates the end of it.

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the next Vilnius Hash will take place on Sunday 19th August. (well after Hash 311 on Wednesday August 15th that is)

Pick up at the bottom of Pilies, for those wanting a lift, at 11 am prompt - or you'll need to walk!

Meet at 11.15
Start running/walking at 11.30
Cost for drinks etc 10 Lt per person (less for children)

Meeting place is in Gelvonu gatve, at the car park next to the Gelvonu bus stop facing away from the Akropolis.

Gelvonu gatve is directly opposite the Akropolis entrance; go down the road about half a mile or so; the bus stop is on your right, just before a little dip (where the houses finish (temporarily) on both sides of the road), and there's a market on your left. The name of the bus stop is written on it, I think. There's a wee place to park your cars near it, or, should you wish to drink, you can easily take the bus....

Loose End


Well after a summer of nothingness from VHHH we have 2 hashes in a week.... just like the number 42 bus... none for ages then 2 come along at once....

You can read details of Hash 311 below this post & details of 312 (Sunday) above this post....


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Hello all,

Next run is this Wednesday 15 August. It will start from the Ciurlionis gatve entrance to Vingis Park at 19:30. It won't be a regular trail but there will be directions and something to spot en route. Check the blog where there should be a nice little map for the start when Kiltman has had chance to get the info on there later today. Drinks after in the Nightingale in Vingis Park.

(bring your insect repellent!)

Then, Sunday will be the next proper later in the week.

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PS - Kiltman not at computer to put map on - but if you can't find Vingis Park (cemetary) entrance then you need more than a map to help you:)

HASH 311 - AUGUST 15th

Needles is putting on the next hash (311) on Wednesday August 15th somewhere in Vilnius..... information will be reaching an inbox near you soon:)

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Dear Vilnius Hashers!

We are establishing a Sopot Hash House Harriers. Our Run Number One is planned for Saturday 22 September. We hope to have significant representation from Warsaw, Berlin, Vilnius, and any other neighboring Hashes (Stockholm? Kaliningrad/Konigsburg?). Sopot is an old spa town on the Baltic easily reached by road, rail or air (Gdansk airport = GDN). Please let us know if/how many will be coming. Hotel information is easily found through Hashers get a 10% discount with the hotel at Haffner, Grand, Rezydent, Zhong Hua and Sedan hotels are also conveniently located. We hope to see you in Sopot!

Our Yahoo group is "SopotHash". Find more about Warsaw through the Yahoo group "WarsawHash".

Phil Goss, "Jack Off"
Warsaw H3