penktadienis, lapkričio 30, 2007


Well VH3 Hash 317 is meant to be this weekend (December 3rd) if my calculations are correct - but not heard anything about it so I guess it's not happening:)

Latest rumours are that NEEDLES has volunteered to be hare for a HASH on December 7th... further details as available:)

Kiltman suggest we have our 1st monthly breakfast meeting on Sunday December 14th at 11:00 at the Dubliner. A full traditional breakfast with fresh orange & black tea is around 30 lts. Watch this Space.....

Not sure about our traditional Boxing Day hash.... we need a volunteer to act as hare.

About New Year's Day Hash.... Kiltman will volunteer to act as hare... 14:00 start time in Vingis Park


antradienis, lapkričio 27, 2007


Ok - it's getting close to that time of next year..... Burn's Night... January 25th or 26th... not sure. Location is at New York we are led to believe.... (OK... checked, it's Saturday 26th January).

Keep your diary free:)

sekmadienis, lapkričio 25, 2007

FULL MOON HASH (White Sticky Stuff)

Saturday's Full Moon Hash was well attended by VH3 standards - with around 10 people braving the elements:) It was a horrible wet night & the hardy hashers found it hard to leave the warmth & comfort of Amatininku for the streets of The Old Town.... but being brave fellows we soon entered into the spirit of things & hashed our way past one of our old hunting grounds (Austukai) which looks as though it will soon re-open as a psuedo wine bar (seats don't look as comfortable & there are no obvious barrels for Kiltman to dance on).

On, on we went for our short little hash to pass our drinks stop at a new wine bar on Traku... BoBo... there must be at least 500 bottles of wine on display... but only 1 version of house by the glass... but Czech Budvar & lots of bottled beer:)

From there onto that Irish hotspot called the Dubliner for a bite to eat.... IceHole made an appearance being allowed out from Belerus & Andy & Lena were welcome newcomers to the VH3.... no circle because it was late & we were inside....

PS - forgot to mention the title..... it could either be Kiltman thinking about his breakfast date with ***** from ******** or the fact that flour turns to glue when wet & cheap flour is in very thin bags that disintigrate a first sign of rain:)

šeštadienis, lapkričio 24, 2007


An early morning run for 55mins round the forests of Sepagine followed by the reason.... traditional Irish / Scottish / English breakfast at The Dubliner - perfect! Where do they get the bacon from ?

2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 2 big juicy rashers of bacon, fried tomato, mushrooms & beans.... fresh orange juice and black tea with milk... perfect...

Kiltman suggests it should become a regular once a month Hash meeting... thoughts???

antradienis, lapkričio 20, 2007


Saturday is a Full Moon so time for a gentle Hash.... not a run, not a pub crawl but something in between in and around the Old Town of Vilnius:)

Starting at Amatininku at 19:00 and ending up at the Dubliner for dinner at around 20:30. We'll manage a quick drink stop on the route:)

Hare is Kiltman.... phone +370 653 10009 if you need to find the pack.

There might or might not be the usual charge of 10 lts for drinks etc - we'll decide on the night:)

ON, ON....

trečiadienis, lapkričio 14, 2007


So this Sundays’ hash will be at Verkiu Malunas. Regular start at 11:30. Let’s meet at the parking lot by the restaurant in the old mill called Vandens Malunas, the exact address is Verkiu g. 100.

This will be our starting point and also a place for lunch after the hash J and there will be a special down down for a birthday hasher!

As normal there will be a car pool from the Cathederal end of Pilies. Please be there by 10:59 as the cars will go at 11:00 :)

Cost is 10 lts for adults... covers cost of drinks etc etc. Kids free

Winter rules:)