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A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all VH3 :)

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A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Vilnius Hash House Harriers. May 2010 be as good as you hope it will be for you :)

Enjoy the Boxing Day Hash in snowy Vilnius.


PS - back in Vilnius January 11th

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Our traditional Boxing Day Hash will be held as usual on December 26. Meeting point - the parking in front of the Museum of Applied Arts
(Тaikomosios dailės muziejus, Arsenalo street 3A, Vilnius) at 11.15.

Date: Saturday December 26 - Boxing Day
Time: Meet at11:15 am. Walk starts at 11:30
Dress Code: any preferences, no specification
Hares: Barbara (Tel. 868521243)
Liliana (tel. 861606577)
Type of Hash Trail: easy, festive!

After the walk the On On will be held in the cafe 'Pas Erlicka' which is situated behind the park on Maironio street 1 (almost in front of the main entrance to Sereikiskiu parkas).

We are waiting for all of you who are staying in Vilnius at that date.

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After a long campaign that started way back in late summer last Sunday (December 6th) brought the Final of the ManoAlibi pub quiz. 10 teams qualified out of around 150 who participated throughout the series.

Despite missing some star team members (me) The Colonials manged a very creditable 5th place... not bad considering the questions etc are in Lithuanian (with English translations).

It is understood that MaryJamPole was in town searching for guidance to help her quest in Mafia Wars :) :)

Enjoy Christmas everyone & please do something with VH£ so that when I return in 18 months it'll still be here :) :) :)

Kiltman in Scotland

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Just a quick reminder about the VH3 Irish Breakfast at 12:00 at the Dubliner on Sunday, Oct 25th.

Can I suggest the opportunity is used to (again) discuss how VH3 is organised? I'm quite happy to keep the blog up to date and / or set up a facebook page and send emails out.... but seems daft to do this from the UK rather than locally :)



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Just a quick reminder to all that the Dubliner Quiz is running again on Monday nights :)

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Hi All,

Andy at the Dubliner asked that we mention that the Dubliner Quiz returns this coming Monday evening (September 21st).

Have fun if you go.... I won't coz I'm not back until October 5th :)

On, On

Gordon R

PS - While mentioning the Dubliner.... remember the IRISH BREAKFAST on the last Sunday in September :)

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Below are details of Sunday's Hash.... it's in that nice bit of park / wood next to Akropolis.... so no map this week:) Everyone can find Akropolis!!

We are setting the trail with Roma in the Ozo park next to where I live. So it is in the direction of Akropolis: get to the large junction at Akropolis and turn to the right if you come from Kalvariju or Seamens Arena, or to the left if you come from the oposite direction, and go straight forward along Gelvonu st. until you see a mini Maxima on the right side, pass it and park at the parking lot in front of AUTOSERVISAS. Caution - don't go beyond the yellow kiosks on your left.
For those coming by bus No 53, 56, 75 (mini bus No 2 or private bus 62) bus stop 'Gelvonu' - meeting point a few meters ahead.

I think it should be clear, in case you need other directions, please, contact me 8 699 82 562



PS.... of course remember the car pool at bottom of Pilies... cars leave at 11:00. Be at Hash at 11:15 for 11:30 start.... 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc etc

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VH3 HASH NUMBER 333 September 6th

VH3 are 50% towards the dreaded 666 .... or if you are reading in Oz .... 999 ! Yes, it's Hash Number 333 and as promised Kiltman will set a Hash through, round, up and down Kalnu Park. The trail will pass some real spot on photo sites in Vilnius... the Bell Tower... and if no-one has ever see the view from the Hash view on Hill of 333 crosses (well, 3 crosses) then now is your chance.

There is a map attached showing the location..(actually I can't find the map... but it'll appear on the blog later:) ). but it's not really difficult to find... turn right at bottom of Pilies and after 300m where the road turns at 90 degrees go directly forward... might be better to park at the official parking at the 90 degree turn?

Meet at 11:15 for an 11:30 start.

Normal cost of 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc. Kids free...
most of the trail is suitable for kids....

So see you there... remember 90% of VH3 will be walkers and if you get lost then call Kiltman on 8 653 10009.... but if you can't get 300m from the bottom of Pilies then...........

On, on and lunch will be back up in the Old Town at the Dubliner.... from around 13:15.


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Over the summer a few galant members of Vilnius HHH (and assorted others) have gathered at ManoAlibi uder the name 'THE COLONIALS' to participate in the Tueday night Quiz. Starting at 19:00 ish the quiz is mostly attended by Lithuanians with the Colonials being the only English speakers... but the questions are repeated in English...

Unlike the Dubliner Quiz there is no bonus round and no plus / minus points depending on team size... resulting in some quite big teams (which has it's disadvantages as there ain't a lot of space!)

The Colonials do OK.... normally finishing in the top half of the 17 or so teams but we are gradually creeping upwards having finished 2nd last week...

Over a quarter year a first place finish gives a team 5 points, 2nd 4 points down to 5th 1 point. The top 8 over the quarter (Mondays & Tuesdays) go into the final....

Us Colonials only joined in about half way through but we have finished the quarter in 21st place out of over 100 teams...... not too bad....

If anyone is interested in joining The Colonials drop us a mail.... 'fraid it's not really possible for anyone 'just to turn up' due to space restrictions :)

You can

And the food is some of the best in Vilnius.... unusual & good value. The stuffed mushrooms are number 1 :)

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Helloooooo merry hashers :)

Doesn't time pass quickly... it almost the end of August and that means it's Irish Breakfast Time :)

Venue.... The Dubliner Pub
Time..... 12:00
Date.... Sunday August 30th 2009

And following closely on Kiltman is putting on VH3 hash number 333 at Kalnu Park on Sept 6th.... since it's hash 333 and the Hill of 3 crosses is at Kalnu.... :)

On, On...

PS - for those not there at yesterday's hash... we had a christening William Bobo was named Hobbitt

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Welcome to our August 23rd Hash by SV & JC (aka Barbara & Mike). Location is on Silo g.... map attached but... drive up Silo past the Military Academy, cross the lights (Maxima on right corner) on up the hill and PAST the open green bit on left for about 200 m and park in the left. It's here on Google Maps,25.307225&z=14&t=h&hl=en Weather is looking ok (ish) :) Meet at 11:15 for a 11:30 start. Usual cost of 10 lts for adults to cover beer / soft drinks etc. If you need a lift meet at the bottom of Piles g at 10:55 - cars won't be there at 11:00. Remember... most people will be walkers, so a pleasant morning out! On, On and lunch to be decided.

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Just a reminder about the Lithuanian Forum discussing all things Lithuanian.... including a section for VH3.

There have been some interesting discussions recently & I'm sure some of VH3 could make meaninnful contributions.... well maybe not :) :)


Mike & Barbara have agreed to host the next VH3 hash on SUNDAY AUGUST 23rd. Venue to be decided but it will be local to Vilnius.

Then the following Sunday (August 30th) we'll have our monthly IRISH BREAKFAST at the Dubliner at 12:00.

Kiltman will arrange a Hash on Sunday September 6th... around the Hill of 3 Crosses....

And then we need volunteers to act as hares through the autumn and winter season.....

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Hi All,

Just a short reminder that the July version of our IRISH BREAKFAST will take place on SUNDAY 26th at......... yes, you've guessed:). THE DUBLINER at 12:00

On, On.........

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Hi All, Kiltman discovered a great summer music venue last night... Aula Blues Club...

Lets arrange a VH3 outing there next Thursday July 16th. Entrance ticket is 10 litas. The venue is a big courtyard on Pilies Street, opposite Fortas....

Send an email if you are interested in going so I can reserve tables :) Or leave a comment here :)

On, on....


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Dear Hashers,

This Sunday's hash will be near Liliana's summerhouse in Karaciunai (see the attached map), so that if it rains we would be able to hide under the roof.

How to get there:

Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past Plento Baras and continue further about 4 km until the road gets narrower (narrows to two lanes instead of four before a small, almost invisible river bridge), then after some another 900 metres turn right to Karaciunu street. Then go about 250 metres and turn right again before the gray fence (you will see several garbage bins on the right), go along the fence another 50 metres and park there in front of the wood.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.

You may get there by bus 17 or 39. Hopefully our traditional car pool will be operating, so then if lifts are needed you could agree and meet at the bottom of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:02 – you will not find anybody waiting there).

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch will be decided later on. Perhaps it will be at Caucasian Bar not far from the Karaciunai bus stop on Nemencines plentas.

On on

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Hi All,

An early reminder of the monthly IRISH BREAKFAST at the DUBLINER PUB at 12:00 on SUNDAY 28th JUNE.

I (Kiltman) will try and send a reminder email out... since I got a lot of unjustified flak because no-one sent a reminder out in May :) :)

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Rise from hibernation.

The Hash on June 14 will be held approximately 15-20 km away from Vilnius in the direction of Kaunas, near Stirniai, along the Saidės Creek (see the attached map). You may read more about the place in the website:

Hares will be Loreta and Liliana.

Perhaps we should recall our car pool tradition. This time let us meet at the parking in front of RIMI on Savanoriu at 10:45 on Sunday, 14 June.

Loreta’s mobile is: 8 679 98186

Liliana’s mobile: 8 616 06577.

We are looking forward to meet you all.

Well.... the promised location map will appear later coz the oringinal won't copy here for some reason :(

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Yes.... it's almost the end of April (use your imagination).... so it's Irish Breakfast time...

Sunday April 26th
The Dubliner Pub

12:00 until............

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Hokay..... we've been talking about another tour to follow on from the successful Whisky Tour of 2008.... lets have a discussion & see who wants to go where & when...

Lithuania might be in the midst of a great big recession.... but unless the litas is devalued then it makes the UK a very cheap (ish) venue :)

Now Ryanair are flying to Liverpool.... so that suggests the English Lakes might be a good idea.... instead of a Whisky Tour we could have a CAMRA tour (CAMERA = Campaign for Real Ale)....


Join the discussion on the VH3 forum at:

pirmadienis, kovo 30, 2009



We have a forum site.... on .... hopefully we can use this area as a means of discussion... where is a good place for a Hash, suggest some social activities... complain, promote and so on.... go on, you know you want to :)

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Our next Irish Breakfast will be held at the Dubliner this coming Sunday........ confirming the time as 12:00 new time :)

One Hasher wrote this:-

However, why not book it for 11.30 as normal but warn people about the hour change. Otherwise, smarties will change their clocks and still turn up at 12.30 ( changed time ) rather than 11.30 ( pre-changed time ) ? You could say for example "11.30 new time" or "11.30 - that's after you've changed your clocks" or "12.30 - new time" ( whichever you want ).
And also warn them ( because some still get confused ( North American teachers particularly ) that the clocks move forward from 02.00 to become 03.00 ( and not the other way round! ).

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Details of the HASH this Sunday below.... if a lift is needed be at bottom of Pymlio at 11:00. Usual 10 lts for drinks etc etc. Parking at the little Red Flag................

Trail by a daft Scotsman....

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Someone has suggested we set up a FACEBOOK page for Vilnius HHH..... any thoughts on this? Kiltman is quite happy to set it up....

Also it's likely we'll have an AGM (Annual General Meeting) soon.... we haven't had one for sometime.... info to follow....

Also someone offered to set a trail on last Sunday in Feb (21st I think). Anyway that's normally IRISH BREAKFAST.... so the BREAKFAST can be delayed until after the Hash!!!!!

Comments below please:)

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Dear All,

Welcome to the first VH3 Hash of 2009. We are being highly original & going to run / walk in Vingis Park :) Kiltman is the hare.

Meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel entrance to the Park (by the German Cemetary) at 11:15 for an 11:30 start.

Usual fee of 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc etc...

Lets get a lot out in the wintery weather.... the trail will go to some non-normal parts :) :)

ON, ON afterwards at Amatininku in Town Hall Square... we should be there from around 13:00 to 13:30....

On, On.... if you can't find the start point.... then you could phone Kiltman... 653 10009... but he'll just have a laugh coz it's impossible not to find!!!!!


PS - if you think you have read this before .... you have :) :)

antradienis, sausio 20, 2009


Hi Folks,

Yes it's that time of the month again already.... the last Sunday in January is the 25th so that means Hash Irish Breakfast at the Dubliner.

Get there around 11:30, enjoy greasy sausage & cholestorol filled eggs.... live a little :)

pirmadienis, sausio 12, 2009

FIRST VH3 HASH OF 2009 Sunday 18th January

Welcome to the first VH3 Hash of 2009. We are being highly original & going to run / walk in Vingis Park :) Kiltman is the hare.

Meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel entrance to the Park (by the German Cemetary) at 11:15 for an 11:30 start.

Usual fee of 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc etc...

Lets get a lot out in the wintery weather.... the trail will go to some non-normal parts :) :)

ON, ON afterwards at Amatininku in Town Hall Square... we should be there from around 13:00 to 13:30....

On, On.... if you can't find the start point.... then you could phone Kiltman... 653 10009... but he'll just have a laugh coz it's impossible not to find!!!!!


PS - if you are stuck without transport the Squeaky will operate a car pool from Castle end of Pilies st leaving at 11:00 on the dot.... but honestly, if you can get there then you can get to Vingis:)

Look at the Vilnius 3H for up to date information:

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The Annual Burn's Night will take place in the Town Hall on January 31st. Kiltman is making the ADDRESS to the HAGGIS :)

Full details can be found at the British Chamber of Commerce website -

Tickets are quite expensive at 230 lts each but drinks etc etc are included & it will be a great evening as normal :)

Squeaky has to confirm numbers by JANUARY 15th so the FINAL TIME for VH3 to reserve tickets is JANUARY 14th

Payment is required by January 22nd at the latest (details of BCC bank are on the website or you can give Squeaky cash by January 20th.

Please respond to this VH3 email address if you wish to join us.....


pirmadienis, sausio 05, 2009


VH3 have stumbled across this forum for expats and those interested in all things Lithuania... it's in English... but we're sure there is something of interest to all.