sekmadienis, rugsėjo 16, 2007

Forward Planning

Thanks to all those who turned up at Amatininku to decide the next 6 months of Vilniushhh.Major Pain has agreed to help run the hash.

It was decided to have a once monthly hash plus a full-moon hash and more social events.
We are hoping to hold a once monthly bowling night at Akropolis as these appear to be popular with young and old alike.

As mentioned before there will be a hash/BBQ on the 14th October. We will be celebrating two birthdays. If anyone knows of anymore birthday events around this time, then let Squeeky know.

On the 15th December there will be a hash Christmas Party. Details nearer the time.

Dates for your diary

Sunday 14th October Hash and BBQ
Friday 26th October Full Moon Hash
Sunday 18th November Birthday Hash ( Winter rules will apply from here - wear a hat )
Saturday 24th November Full Moon Hash
Sunday 9th December Birthday Hash
Saturday 15th December Christmas Party
Friday 21st December Full Moon and Xmas Hash
Sunday 6th January Birthday Hash
Tuesday 22nd January Full Moon Hash
Sunday 10th February Hash
Thursday 21st February Full Moon Hash
Sunday 9th March International Womens Day Hash
Friday 21st March Full Moon/Birthday/Good Friday/Easter Egg Hunt Hash

If other Vilnius hashers have any more ideas for hash events then let Squeeky know.

We also need hashers to volunteer to set trails.

On On


Hash 313 Belmontas and BBQ

Many thanks to Pubic Stimulation and Major Pain for setting the hash round Belmontas and for organising the BBQ.

The weather was changeable but we managed to dodge the showers.

Welcome to the two new Lithuanian ladies who turned up and who we hope to see a lot more of ( in the nicest possible way of course )

Girls On Top was a star completing the runners course in record time.

The next event will be the 14th October with a hash and BBQ at Rudiskes.

Kiltmen senior and junior will be trail setting in totally new surroundings.

More details and directions will be sent out soon.

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