sekmadienis, liepos 27, 2008

...aaaaand relax

Dear all, it's time for the August break, so have fun and see you in September!

Check back in September for details or join the mailing list by sending a request to our email address


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pirmadienis, liepos 21, 2008

Final event of the season

Hello all,

And so after a full season of trails and events, we come to the finale before our summer break. As ever I'm out of town, but you fellows should enjoy an Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner, Dominikonu 6, from 11:30 onwards, Sunday 27 July. The table is booked in the name of Needles.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out making the trails and the behind the scenes support. Your efforts have been truly appreciated! It's been a fun season and the events have taken us to some really beautiful and interesting parts of the city. Thank you!

See you all in September!



pirmadienis, liepos 14, 2008

Sunday 20 July

Howay all VH3ers,

The next trail, on Sunday, 20th July, will start at the ski slope at the crossroads of Liepkalnos g and Minsku plentas. Liepkalnos is the road that starts at Ausros Vartu and goes straight out of town, going past the Lokomotivo sports stadium, a graveyard, and continues until it reaches the dual carriageway. At the crossroads turn left and then left again at the first turning, towards the ski slope and restaurant. Hint - it's the only hill nearby!

Car share meet at 11.00 at the bottom of Pilies, be on time!
Be there at 11.15
start walking/running at 11.30 on the dot
10 LT for beer and other refreshments

not sure I can guarantee on-the-hoof catering like Last Virgin!
Loose End

note from Needles - this is a supernice area AND the last VH3 trail of the season! Final event will be an Irish Breakfast on 27 July at The Dubliner then August sees holiday time!

Look at the Vilnius 3H for up to date information:

sekmadienis, liepos 13, 2008

Best H3 trail ever!

Hi all,

I name today's event Best H3 trail ever! Thank you Liliana, it was fantastic! We collected blueberries, wild strawberries and the odd mystery mushroom as we went along what I think must have been the slowest trail ever! I just finished eating the berry crumble I made with the fruits of this morning's trail!

Next event is a trail set by Loose End on Sunday 20 July, details soon...

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antradienis, liepos 08, 2008

Next event Sunday 13 July

Dear Hashers,

This Sunday‘s hash will be near Liliana‘s summerhouse in Karaciunai (see the attached map), so that if it rains we would be able to hide under the roof. And perhaps we will be able to have sausages on fire, if wanted.

How to get there:

Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past Plento Baras and continue further until the road gets narrower (two lanes instead of four), then after some 900 metres turn right to Karaciunu street (at the turn you will see a big poster advertising Topeliu water sports). Then go about 300 metres and turn right again before the gray fence, go another 50 metres and park there in front of the wood.

Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.

You may get there by bus 17 or 39. I do not know if in summer the car pool will be operating, hopefully somebody will be so kind and go there with car, then – if lifts are required you could meet at the bottom of Pilies before 11:00 (if you come there at 11:02 – you will not find anybody waiting there).

If lost, call Liliana (Last Virgin) at 861606577.

Lunch will be decided later on. It means one option is the sausages on fire, another option may be the Caucasian Bar not far from the Karaciunai bus stop.

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Note from Needles: an email will go out about the car pool - if you can take some people please drop an email over to and I hope there will be some folks able to, I for one need a lift! Also I'll let everyone know about the lunch then too - both bbq and cafe are good plans!

antradienis, liepos 01, 2008

Next event Sunday 6 July

Hello July, hello all,

The first event of the month will be on Sunday 6 July. I'm setting the trail and it will start at 11:30 prompt from bottom of Pilies gatve. Meet at 11:15 with 10 Lt to cover beverages!

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