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Over the summer a few galant members of Vilnius HHH (and assorted others) have gathered at ManoAlibi uder the name 'THE COLONIALS' to participate in the Tueday night Quiz. Starting at 19:00 ish the quiz is mostly attended by Lithuanians with the Colonials being the only English speakers... but the questions are repeated in English...

Unlike the Dubliner Quiz there is no bonus round and no plus / minus points depending on team size... resulting in some quite big teams (which has it's disadvantages as there ain't a lot of space!)

The Colonials do OK.... normally finishing in the top half of the 17 or so teams but we are gradually creeping upwards having finished 2nd last week...

Over a quarter year a first place finish gives a team 5 points, 2nd 4 points down to 5th 1 point. The top 8 over the quarter (Mondays & Tuesdays) go into the final....

Us Colonials only joined in about half way through but we have finished the quarter in 21st place out of over 100 teams...... not too bad....

If anyone is interested in joining The Colonials drop us a mail.... 'fraid it's not really possible for anyone 'just to turn up' due to space restrictions :)

You can read more on www.manoalibi.lt

And the food is some of the best in Vilnius.... unusual & good value. The stuffed mushrooms are number 1 :)

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Helloooooo merry hashers :)

Doesn't time pass quickly... it almost the end of August and that means it's Irish Breakfast Time :)

Venue.... The Dubliner Pub
Time..... 12:00
Date.... Sunday August 30th 2009

And following closely on Kiltman is putting on VH3 hash number 333 at Kalnu Park on Sept 6th.... since it's hash 333 and the Hill of 3 crosses is at Kalnu.... :)

On, On...

PS - for those not there at yesterday's hash... we had a christening William Bobo was named Hobbitt

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Welcome to our August 23rd Hash by SV & JC (aka Barbara & Mike). Location is on Silo g.... map attached but... drive up Silo past the Military Academy, cross the lights (Maxima on right corner) on up the hill and PAST the open green bit on left for about 200 m and park in the left. It's here on Google Maps http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=54.695575,25.307225&z=14&t=h&hl=en Weather is looking ok (ish) :) Meet at 11:15 for a 11:30 start. Usual cost of 10 lts for adults to cover beer / soft drinks etc. If you need a lift meet at the bottom of Piles g at 10:55 - cars won't be there at 11:00. Remember... most people will be walkers, so a pleasant morning out! On, On and lunch to be decided.

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Just a reminder about the Lithuanian Forum discussing all things Lithuanian.... including a section for VH3.

There have been some interesting discussions recently & I'm sure some of VH3 could make meaninnful contributions.... well maybe not :) :)



Mike & Barbara have agreed to host the next VH3 hash on SUNDAY AUGUST 23rd. Venue to be decided but it will be local to Vilnius.

Then the following Sunday (August 30th) we'll have our monthly IRISH BREAKFAST at the Dubliner at 12:00.

Kiltman will arrange a Hash on Sunday September 6th... around the Hill of 3 Crosses....

And then we need volunteers to act as hares through the autumn and winter season.....