ketvirtadienis, spalio 28, 2010


Hello everyone,
On Sunday, 31 October, there will be a Hash round the Balzio Lake.
How to get there:
Go straight Antakalnis street to Nemencines road past the trolley bus circle, Baltic American Clinic, Plento Baras and further until the double lane road becomes a single lane road. After approximately 900 m, leave the main Nemencines road by turning right to the Balzio gatve. Then go about 4 km straight up to the area of Balzio Lake. On the left you will see the bus circle (now the bus goes further to one more stop, but forget it) and on the right there will be a two or three-storey abandoned concrete house. Still go forward and cross a small rivulet running from the lake, which be visible on your right, and afterwards turn right at once on an unpaved hill – this will be our parking place (in front between you and the lake you will see a wooden cafe).
We will walk/run round the Balzio Lake.
Be there by 11:15. The start will be at 11:30. Cost is 10 lt for beers and drinks.
Perhaps we should remember our car pool – if lifts are required then hopefully somebody will kindly give us a lift.
Lunch to be decided.
If lost, please call Liliana by tel. 8 616 06577.A