antradienis, sausio 20, 2009


Hi Folks,

Yes it's that time of the month again already.... the last Sunday in January is the 25th so that means Hash Irish Breakfast at the Dubliner.

Get there around 11:30, enjoy greasy sausage & cholestorol filled eggs.... live a little :)

pirmadienis, sausio 12, 2009

FIRST VH3 HASH OF 2009 Sunday 18th January

Welcome to the first VH3 Hash of 2009. We are being highly original & going to run / walk in Vingis Park :) Kiltman is the hare.

Meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel entrance to the Park (by the German Cemetary) at 11:15 for an 11:30 start.

Usual fee of 10 lts per adult to cover drinks etc etc...

Lets get a lot out in the wintery weather.... the trail will go to some non-normal parts :) :)

ON, ON afterwards at Amatininku in Town Hall Square... we should be there from around 13:00 to 13:30....

On, On.... if you can't find the start point.... then you could phone Kiltman... 653 10009... but he'll just have a laugh coz it's impossible not to find!!!!!


PS - if you are stuck without transport the Squeaky will operate a car pool from Castle end of Pilies st leaving at 11:00 on the dot.... but honestly, if you can get there then you can get to Vingis:)

Look at the Vilnius 3H for up to date information:

antradienis, sausio 06, 2009


The Annual Burn's Night will take place in the Town Hall on January 31st. Kiltman is making the ADDRESS to the HAGGIS :)

Full details can be found at the British Chamber of Commerce website -

Tickets are quite expensive at 230 lts each but drinks etc etc are included & it will be a great evening as normal :)

Squeaky has to confirm numbers by JANUARY 15th so the FINAL TIME for VH3 to reserve tickets is JANUARY 14th

Payment is required by January 22nd at the latest (details of BCC bank are on the website or you can give Squeaky cash by January 20th.

Please respond to this VH3 email address if you wish to join us.....


pirmadienis, sausio 05, 2009


VH3 have stumbled across this forum for expats and those interested in all things Lithuania... it's in English... but we're sure there is something of interest to all.