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Lucky us :) We now have some details of the New Year Hash....

The New Year Hash, starting at 2.30 pm (we need to start running prompt or it'll be too dark) will start in the car park
of St Peter and Paul's church, (opposite the British embassy, at the big roundabout going into Antakalnio) nearer to the pub to the right of the


People don't really need directions, do they???? If lost, call Loose
End at 868627702.

Meet 2.15 pm
Start 2.30 pm
cost 10 lt for beers, drinks etc

On on

Loose End

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A very Happy New Year & a Prosperous 2007 to all hashers when the time comes.

I would put some details of the New Year's Day Hash up here to keep you all informed but I don't know anything :)

Details will be posted as soon as it's available. (We do know that New Year's Day is January 1st:))

trečiadienis, gruodžio 20, 2006


Dr Dirty (aka Woody) has sent details about the Boxing Day Hash. These are copied below & have also been sent out to our email list:

Please tell the Hashers to meet across the street from St.Anne’s/Bernadiniu as at the last Hash, and we will proceed from there at 11:30 (as usual) on Boxing Day/12/26. Because we’ve all been good so Santa will visit us, there will be a suspension of down-downs, and we will all come back to my flat at Berndiniu 3-43. I’d like to collect 10 litas for each person who will eat/drink, and I need to know how many of us there will be. I will prepare for a few extra people, but I’d like to hear from those who will come and how many they will bring with them. As in the past, I will make chili, salad, and provide bread and dessert – and hot wine if the weather happens to be cold. Otherwise, beer and soft drinks. (If there’s a Hash Beer person who could help with the drinks, that would be good – and even so, everyone will get to eat their money’s worth!)

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A Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to all those in Vilnius HHH and anyone else you can think of:)

With less than a week to go until the Festive Season hits full swing people start disappearing to travel to meet family & friends... for those of you staying in Vilnius you can still get a Festive fix of Hashing:) Dr Dirty (Woody) has again offered to hare the Green Bridge Walk on Boxing Day (December 26th) - the details will appear here as soon as they are known... the following week Beate is acting as Hare on New Year's Day in the afternoon - again details as we know them.

Then once it's all over & it's back to work & winter arrives the next 'normal' Hash will be Jan 7th with Girl on Top as hare :)

Once January is in full swing we'll start our twice monthly Wednesday socials again. Kiltman is also going to sort out a couple of lanes to go bowling at Akropolis.........

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Below is the text of email from the organiser of the Burn's Supper which is now just over 6 weeks away. Seems to be plenty of Glenfiddinch Whiskey which doesn't actually exist... you don't get whiskey in Scotland :)

Anyway this is always a very popular evet & tickets will go very quickly. Already 8 of the 20 we have available have gone. They are first come, first served. Money required early in New Year. Once they are gone we'll start a reserve list. Please email Kiltman at to book a ticket. Text below:

Yes, I can confirm your 2 tables. I believe it will be about 170-180 Lt per person including full course traditional Scottish Dinner with haggis as a 2nd starter, welcome drink, 4 glasses of wine per person and Glenfiddinch whiskey. A group of young students lead by Chef are coming over from Scotland and will be helping to prepare Burns Supper to make it as more traditional as possible.

We will have new pipes this year from Scotland and Lews Castle College Ceilidh Band from West Isles of Scotland (miles away…). They are fantastic!!! Ceilidh dancing lessons will be held at the Embassy with Keith Shannon and will be announced in January for registration.

I am sorry, we’re a bit late this year to sort things out, but within moving to a new venue and aiming at new bands, it takes much longer to put things in places.

As an early bird I can offer you tables no 13-14 if this is OK with you.

ONLY 8 SEATS LEFT - 14/12/06

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HAGGIS HUNT 2006 / 7

As you'll all know, Vilnius HHH is book 20 places for the Burn's Super on January 27th. (Remember to decided sooner rather than later if you want to go & send us an email if you haven't already). Anyway in part of the World Wide preperations for Burn's Night & as the winter temperatures drop then the Haggis Hunting season opens.... you can follow the sport or even join in by going to this link

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A rather fuzzy photo from our Christmas Party last Saturday. You can see a few more of the party & the aftermath at this link

The existing photo albums are on a different site but flick is much easier to upload to. We'll try & eventuall move all the old albums across to flickr. And if anyone's interesting in adding pictures etc then the flickr log in details are the same as the email , this blog & the website:)

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Time change

Quick note: Sunday's hhh will start at 11:30 not 11:00 so you'll all get an extra half hour in bed after the party! And bring Santa hats!






TO ALL THE RUNNERS....SORRY, THERE WILL NOT BE A RUNNING TRAIL, JUST SOME WALKING AND SINGING (note from Needles...runners, I think we can run along the walkers trail and just wait for the walkers at each carol point like last year!).



ketvirtadienis, gruodžio 07, 2006


Just a couple of reminders..... firstly the VHHH Christmas Party is on Saturday December 9th at Joanne's house (Klimo 5 - near CocaCola Plaza). If you haven't already said you are comin then please email the hash to confirm... .

And the Santa Hash takes place on Sunday 10th. Details a bit scarece just now but will be posted as soon as anything is known:

The next hash will be on 10th December and Denise will be setting it. As it is a Christmas Carol hash, can you all wear Father Christmas hats! There will be free food provided at Amatininku afterwards.

As you can see from above we'll have the circle & ON ON at Amatininku - guess it'll be around 13:00. Had thought of having the ON ON in the Dubliner but when Kiltman went in to reserve it they insisted we had to be there within 15 mins of the booked time.... and you know Hash timing. One of the owners said 'you know what Lithuanians are like' and shrugged his shoulders when I said it was the Hash (and they know the Hash).... so looks to me like the Dubliner isn't interested in getting any Hash business... so Amatininku wins :)

trečiadienis, gruodžio 06, 2006


OK... new news :) The DUBLINER is open tomorrow :) :) (actually today now....) OK... we have waited almost one year... and it's our run / walk social... so the VHHH waits for no one... and the run / walk is based at Amatininku... and if you really want to go to the Dubliner... so be it... but Kiltman stays in Amatininku :)

sekmadienis, lapkričio 26, 2006


OK pop pickers... the HASH CHRISTMAS PARTY will be on December 9th at Joanne's house (near Coca-Cola Plaza). There will be food & drink.... so we need to charge 40 lts per person to cover costs!!!!

We also need to know numbers... so if you can email the has at to say if you want to come.... the sooner the better!!! (but certainly before December 10th).

Also if anyone would like to help by bringing a 'dish' (with some food in it) then please contact Squeaky.... with luck there will be some Marks & Spencer mince pies to go round... or better still a Christmas Pudding & custard :)

On, On............................


A great turn out at Verkiai for a top class trail set by Lawyer & Silver Tongue - there must have been arounf 15 hashers there... with some new faces & some old one's returning. The weather wasn't too bad... actually it was quite warm (+9) so a few hashers were caught by 'winter rules' and had to stand on the table with Down, Down's in the centre of our squircle (a term for our loosly defined circle).

We parked in the park this time... rather than the last 2 times at the hospital... Verkiai is quite hilly so the trail was a good work out... over 70 minutes for the runners... Maybe find a picture to put up later!

ketvirtadienis, lapkričio 23, 2006


Kiltman doesn't know so he can't say.... why not? Coz he buggered off home in a moody at about 19:56!!! Why?? Well running down to Amatininku for a 19:00 he jumped the wall near Telekomas and felt a pull in his calf muscle... normally a sign to turn round and go home! But the thought ocurred that at least 1 other person might be waiting to go running so on he continued to the bar.... instantly the request went out to Kristina for some ice... which was duly applied and at 19:00 Kiltman set off to run on his own.... but things only got worse and he hobbled back to the bar at around 19:40... sat about for a bit & the hobbled home in pain to go to bed with 1200 mg of ibuprofen....

Is anyone actually going to bother turning up for a run... because sitting in a bar is much more sociable if your not wearing smelly running kit :) I'll give it one more chance.... if no one comes in 2 weeks time then I'll not bother again.


trečiadienis, lapkričio 22, 2006


Details of the hash coming up on Sunday - the weather forecast looks good so how about a big turnout??? It's a nice place to be on a Sunday morning & the Watermill is a great place for lunch afterwards.... ON, ON, ON......

Laba diena all, here are the instructions for the next H. And don't forget that we will have the car share - meet at the cathedral end of Pilies as 11am prompt if you can give a lift or need a lift.........Needles

Follow Kalvariu gatve from the green bridge exact 6 km to the round about. Turn right Zaliju Ezeru. After exact 1 km turn right to the Verkiai entrance to the park and estate. Leave the tennis court on the right and go straight to the gate (300 meter).
Lunch at the Watermill.

As normal the cost for adults is 10 lts, children are free... this goes to cover the cost of beers, soft drinks etc in the 'circle' and towards our other subsidised events....

pirmadienis, lapkričio 20, 2006


OK it's that time again... Wendesday before the Sunday Hash (details of which will appear here as soon as I know). So for those who want to go for a run - meet at 7pm at Amatininku, we can leave bags there. Those who just want to socialise and have an alus then anytime from 8pm.

For the runners... I thought we'd be out for about 45mins. I'll leave at 7pm on the dot... so if you are late & want to follow in my footsteps I plan to go from Amatininku down towards Uzupio and run down the cityside of the river, through the park then up to the castle if it's light enough. Back from the castle and past the Cathederal... along the big river and wave at Mike & Barbara... up towards the Union place... along towards Vingis (see how time is doing)... back along past the Russian Church, down to Gedimino & back up Pilies to Amatininku & a well earned coke:) And if I can find some more hills on the route... all the better :)

sekmadienis, lapkričio 19, 2006


As you know all Hashes depend on the hares setting the trail... it's a fact of life. If you come on the Hash then you should also be prepared to act as a Hare once in a while!!! We are running out of volunteers. We have no-one offering to be hares past the next Hash which is on Sunday November 26th. NO HARES NO HASH, NO HASH NO SOCIALS.

If you think you can be a hare contact the Hash Mistress now!!!!! (If it your first time then that's OK... someone will help and advise) For info the list of Hash dates is below:

26 November
10 December (Vidal McSwoon)
24 December (Xmas Eve... no Hash?)
26 December (Bridge Walk... Woody?)
1 January (Afternoon New Year Day Hash?) (Loose End)
7 January
21 January
4 February
18 February
4 March
18 March (St Patrick's Day Hash.... On On at the Dubliner... Ha Ha Ha)
1 April
15 April
29 April

Full Monn Hashes are missing from the list - Kiltman is happy to be hare for these when he's here but a the moment it looks like he'll be out of the country for most of Feb & March.


ketvirtadienis, lapkričio 16, 2006


These ancient greats of Glam Rock (well Sweet are) are having a gig at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius on Thusday December 7th.... Anyone from the Hash keen on going as a group should send us an email before Tuesday 21st & Kiltman will get tickets (which aren't cheap - around 110 lts) and distribute them.... so since KM is going to fork out the cash... no changing your mind once you say you are going.... at the moment Squeaky, JK, Woody, Brendan, KM, Irma & Rasa are planning on going. Email

pirmadienis, lapkričio 13, 2006


Burn's Night is a great evening out & one of the highlights of the Vilnius Social Calendar:) 2006 was an epic... lets make 2007 just as good!!!

Details are hard to come by just now but it'll be on one of the weekend's around Burn's Night (January 25th). As soon as the info is available VHHH will book 2 tables of 10 seats. Cost is maybe about 120 lts per ticket! The meal is good, the whisky was free, the dancing was top class, the music perfect & the night long:)

Tickets will go VERY QUICKLY.... so send us an email NOW if you want to go!!!!

sekmadienis, lapkričio 12, 2006


Around 13 Hasher's turned up on a drizzily damp cold Autumn day for the live Vingis Hash - starting at the German War Graves. Guess what....???? After talking a good game the might of the US Military aka Major Pain and Denis failed to show up!!! We guess they were still suffering from the after effects of the US Marine Ball the previous evening.... altough that's no real excuse as live hare Kiltman was at the Ball & got home at 05:00 :)

So the Hash gave the hare 5 minutes lead... was it enough, of course it was!!!! A twisting cross over type trail was laid by the hare who actually saw the pack on two or three occassions... but was safe as he crossed over behind the pack.... the closest Globetrotter got to the hare was around 100m just after the On Inn mark... so doesn't count!!!

Lunch was had at the baras called 'The Bird' and the socialising continues with a curry at Sue's this evening...

Next Hash will be on November 26th with our two weekly meeting / run at 19:00 on the 22nd at Amatininku (20:00 for non-runners)

ketvirtadienis, lapkričio 09, 2006

Wednesday Run & Social

Well the weather was a bit damp but not the spirits of the Vilnius 3H :) Only 1 runner turned up at 19:00 (Kiltman) but he had an enjoyable run.... up towards the train station, back down, back up and along past McD's and onto the 'new' road... down the hill, through the park, upto the castle, back through the park and up Pilies.... 45 minutes of ok running!!!

Then the socialisers arrived... Woody, Silver Tounge, Major Pain, Brendan, Squeaky, Last Virgin, Roadrunner, Youcha, Irma and Rasa plus Kiltman... so 11 Hashers!! A couple of beers were quaffed, a few sentances were talked and a few laughs were laughed.....

pirmadienis, lapkričio 06, 2006

HASH 294 November 12th Vingis Park

Greetings fellow hashers.... some news on our next outing which hapens to take place the day after the Marine Ball.... aaaarggghhh :) So we are putting American Military might to the test and asking two questions of them.....

1. Will they make the Hash and
2. If they do, will they catch the hare?

You see it's a live hare day :) Start point in the top entrance to Vingis Park just across the bridge by the German War Cemetry. Be there by 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Cost is 10 lts for adults, young hashers are free. There will be runners & walkers so something for all.

On, on for lunch afterwards is down at the bar near the US Embassy.... can't remember the name off hand....

And remember our car pool... if lifts are required then meet at the bottom of Pilies at 11:00 (and that means 11:00 - if you are there at 11:02 you'll be meeting yourself as the cars will have gone :) )

penktadienis, lapkričio 03, 2006


Wilcommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Sveiki Atvykę!

This is Needles bringing to you the new email address! Why? Because Yahoo is horrid, and gmail is best!
Now that's said, here is the latest bulletin from our fearless HM, Squeeky:

To all snowmen, sorry, hashers,

On Saturday we are having a full moon pub crawl starting at Amatininku at 19.30 and finishing up no later than 22.30.

We would like to emphasise that the accent is more on the socialising than the drinking.

There will be an email going out soon to all hashers detailing our thoughts and plans for the next twelve months. All we ask is that you take a few minutes to read it and respond in some way.

Hope to see you on Saturday,


trečiadienis, lapkričio 01, 2006


It's Full Moon time this weekend so it's Hash Time. With the Full Moon falling at the weekend then it's traditionally a pub crawl.... so Kiltman will be the hare.

Plan will be to meet in Amatininku ( Didžioji 19/2) for a 19:30 start... since it's a crawl the first beer will be in Amatininku at 19:30, maybe moving on just after 20:00.

No running, no walking only crawling & it'll be over & done with by 22:30 at the latest allowing for a longggggggggggggggg circle beer to be quaffed by each and everyone of us :)

Coz it's a crawl no Hash Cash needed (we will call at some vegitatarian pubs on the way for those who don't eat meat :) )

If you get lost then just call Kiltman on +370 653 10009

pirmadienis, spalio 30, 2006

HASH 292 October 29th

Well we had a Hash yesterday... hope you all got the email from Needles (there seems to be a problem with Yahoo Mail).

Unfortunately Kiltman was unable to put advance notice onto the Blog as he wasn't in internet range........ but a group of around 10 hashers assembled at Last Virgins summer house for a nice joggette round the forest with the walkers collecting a good few mushrooms on the way :)

The rain put a damper on the circle which came & went quickly....

There's a committee meeting this week... more news after that :)

pirmadienis, spalio 09, 2006

HASH 291 October 15th

The next hash will be a slightly urban one, also suitable for people
with strollers.

Meet: 11.15
Meeting point: Tauro Kalnas
start: 11.30
cost:10 litai for beer, drinks, abuse

How to get there. Tauro Kalnas is the hill behind Lukiskiu Square, with
the large white Profsajungos building on top. You really cannot miss

from the corner of Pamenkalnio/Tauro go up Tauro gatve, turn sharp
immediately after the second bend (about 300 metres or so), follow the
road and park in front of the Profsajungos building, overlooking the
town (your first hash view).

On on will be ....somewhere....

If you get lost (no, really, how could you), phone Loose End at
868627702 - and you might even get an answer!

ketvirtadienis, spalio 05, 2006


This away weekend is unfortunately cancelled :((((( As today was the deadline for bookings and we've only had 4.5 confirmed bookings it doesn't seem worth the effort... sorry folks, better luck next time :) :)

ketvirtadienis, rugsėjo 28, 2006


The committee meeting planned for October 1st after the next Hash is not going to happen coz we're all lazy so & so's and can't be bother :) But hopefully everyone will get over this period of apathy & we can have a meeting on October 19th... at a place & time to be decided!!!

sekmadienis, rugsėjo 24, 2006

Next hash

...and here are the directions to the next run on Sunday 1 October:

Drive on S. Batoro gatve, from the main roundabout, about 200-300 meters. On the right hand side there will be a small parking lot, on the very edge of the woods. This is where the Hash starts from. Starting time is at 10:00!

And we are starting the car share, so if you have a car with spaces, or if you need a lift, meet at 09:30 at the cathedral end of Pilies.

Next event

Great to see folks dancing and barbequeueueueue-ing yesterday at Boggers' leaving do. Thanks to the chap for putting on a fine spread.

This Wednesday is the fortnightly informal run and social.

Runners: meet 19:00
Everyone else: meet 20:00

Everyone welcome!

venue: Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B (up the hill from Frank Zappa)

Runners can leave their kit at the bar, and then join the social after.

And the next hash is on Sunday 1 October starting at 10:00.


(I'll be away for the next week, but my spirit will be front running!)

pirmadienis, rugsėjo 18, 2006


The next Vilnius HHH Hash takes place near Belmontas on October 1st. But as an early warning this hash WILL START AT 10:00 NOT 11:30 as normal. More information to follow later:)

sekmadienis, rugsėjo 17, 2006


A large turnout of around 25 Happy Hashers appeared in the brilliant sunshine to celebrate Bogger's Last Hash... and an epic Hash it turned out to be:) We chugged off up the hill from Bogger's House into the woods, over one ridge, over another... FRB Kiltman leading out and checking all three checks at the first major check point... nothing found... it was a Bogger's 360... so back we went... next check Kiltman checked to left.. but stopped 5m short of the mark... so the runners grouped up again. Same at next check... 40 minutes gone & we were still heading away from the start point!!! Good thing was we got to see the new footpaths put into the forests... means great skiing is promised in winter :) Hey, ho... how's about a Hash on skis????

Anyway after a bit of huffing & puffying Denis (soon to be named) and Kiltman were real FRB's and staggered home after running for 100 mins!!! About 10 minutes later the rest of the group arrived and onto the circle....

Firstly we had 4 newcomers to welcome... can't remember there names but at least 2 should be regulars (other 2 just visiting)... so a welcoming down, down in order.... then the highlight a triplicate christening... Denis now know as Pubic Stimulation (don't ask) , Anneta as Mary Jam Pole and Ronaldas as Globe Trotter. The threesome were annointed by JK in true style with vast quanities of flour & egg held together by 500g of blueberry jam (Mary JAM Pole.... get it). Pictures will appear in due course!!!! The ex Hash Master ,Boggers, was then 'done' as a final Hash Farewell..... we will all miss hime for one reason or another... no more garage parties, no more SMS calling the usual suspects.... no more lots of things....

But I'm sure everyone will agree it's not the end of an era... but the start of a new one.... ON,ON Vilnius HHH :) :)

šeštadienis, rugsėjo 16, 2006


Vilnius.... we have a problem :) Our website is hosted on geocities and everytime I try to access it to update it crashes :) So no updates at present... keep looking though - I'm sure the problem won't last forever!!! Might even try to use Explorer rather than Firefox :)

penktadienis, rugsėjo 15, 2006


From our new Hash Mattress:

As some of you may already know, the hash held its Annual General Meeting last night at the Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B. The main reason for holding the meeting at this time was that Steve ( Boggers ) will be leaving Lithuania in 2/3 weeks time.
Here is the list of the proposed new committee members:

Hash Mattress/Mistress Squeaky Vibrator
Vice hash Mistress Roadrunner
Vice hash Mistress Flower Power
Religious Adviser Dr. Dirty
Religious Adviser Jauciu Kaka
Hare Raisers Major Pain and Dennis ( soon to be named )
Communications/secretary Needles
Spider Man/Web master Kiltman
Social secretaries Vidal McSoon, Aneta ( soon to be named ), Santa, Gabi and Girls on Top
Hash Cash Vidal McSoon and Squeaky

On the 17th September Boggers will be setting the trail for the hash from his house on Saules G 19/3 so we need as many hashers as possible. This is quite likely to be his last hash with us.
On the 23rd September Boggers is hosting a going away party – possibly barbecue if the weather is nice – at his house.
We will be making a presentation to him from the hashers so, again, we need as many people as possible to come and enjoy themselves.
On to the future. We would like all hashers to encourage past hashers and newcomers to join us, especially local people. Children are always welcome and we would like to start a Young Hashers Club. The hash is not just about ex-pats but, hey, we want everyone to join us and have a good time as well as a little bit of exercise.
To this end we are proposing that every second and fourth Wednesday of the month we meet at the Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B at 19.00 for a very informal run/jog and then meet back at the pub for 20.00/20.30 for drinks. Those that do not run can just turn up for drinks. Runners/joggers will be able to change and leave possessions at the pub. We hope that newcomers to the hash will join us on the social evenings. The next one will be on the 27th September.
We would also like people to come up with ideas for social outings. One suggestion has been to go go-karting which we hope to arrange very soon.
Kiltman has also arranged a weekend at Druskininkai with some good hotel prices arranged for either one or two nights stay. This event will be held towards the end of October and details will follow very soon. We will be having Warsaw hashers joining us for this event so it promises to be a lot of fun.
Kiltman has also worked wonders, together with input from Needles, on our website and blog. Catch up on all the latest news by visiting the site and possibly adding your own comments.
Lastly but by no means least I would like to say a big THANKS to Boggers for all his hard work over the last three years and hope that he has many more happy hashes.

antradienis, rugsėjo 12, 2006


From Hash Central.....

Hash AGM Wednesday, 13 September, from the bar near the American Embassy. 7.30 start I think. Your chance to get rid of the current hash master and elect a new committee.
Next Sunday's hash, 17 September, will start from Boggers house, Saules Gatve 19/3. This may well be his last hash in Vilnius. So please try to come along and support it.

antradienis, rugsėjo 05, 2006


From Boggers:

September's Full Mon was due to take place on Thursday 7 Sept. However, for reasons that will become obvious if you come along, September's Full Moon run will now take place on Friday 8 September. This will be purely a pub crawl, and will begin from Trys Pusales on Antakalnio Gatve at 7pm
Please try to come along. The end is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pirmadienis, rugsėjo 04, 2006

Last Sunday's Run

What a beautiful day Sunday was. The sun was high in the blue blue sky and the trail made the most of these with a couple of fabulous Hash Views. Cruel steep false trails for the runners kept the pack together pretty well, although the runners totaly lost the route towards the end. Hey ho. And Needles did a personal best coming into the finish - running all the way up the drive up the park, she rocks. She is also referring to herself in the third person. Perhaps a sign that she should stop typing, but not before a final thanks to the hares Jauchu and Squeeky.

And get your nominations in for the committee elections.

ketvirtadienis, rugpjūčio 31, 2006

X marks the spot

Don't forget:
-Hash 287 Kalnų Parkas 3 September
-Coming elections - put yourself forward for the committee
-Hares - put your name down to set a trail

pirmadienis, rugpjūčio 28, 2006

Word verification

Just to let you know that I have switched on the word verification button so when you leave a comment you will have to type the psychadelic woobley words that appear to allow you to post. This is because a naughty robot has found our blog and left a comment, and it will only increase if these settings aren't put in. If you have difficulty with your sight, or problems posting comments, just drop us an email.

lots of HHH e-love,

trečiadienis, rugpjūčio 23, 2006

Calling all HHH

Those of you who have been checking our blog (here!) will know that some ideas have been developing. These include having a regular social every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. The idea is, anyone who wants to go for a run meets at Plieno Paukštis, Kalinausko 11B, at 19:00, we can leave kit at the bar, and those not running meet at the bar at 20:30 and the runners will join them (although they may be a bit sweaty!)

We are planning to start this all on 13 September, so tell your friends! Also to coincide with this we will have our AGM. This is the yearly chance to have your say who will work together to organise the HHH. This is your chance to get involved, so here are the positions - and let us know by email if you would like to put yourself forward for any of the positions and then we'll have an election at the AGM.

-Hash Master / Mistress (general head of things)
-2 Vice Hash Masters (1 Lithuanian, 1 ex-pat, work with HM and take over when HM isn't around)

-Website and communications (speaks for itself)
-Hash Cash (takes care of the money and numbers of runs by each Hasher
-Social Secretaries (4 people, plan fun and games for the group)
-Honorary Secretary (keeps things in check)

-R.A. (leads the ritual humiliation in the circle)

It'll be super to see as many of you as possible for the AGM, and spread the word!

Bye bye

pirmadienis, rugpjūčio 21, 2006


Our next Hash is a special one... because of the Lithuania - Scotland football match & the invasion of the Tartan Army then you need to declare your allegience... wear something Scottish or something Lithuanian :)

Hash takes place at Kalnu Parkas... parking up by big open area before the sports stadium. Be there for 11:15 to start the hash at 11:30. JK & SV are going to be the hares...

Map attached with some bus routes on it... google earth map to follow when I get round to switching my laptop on :)

sekmadienis, rugpjūčio 20, 2006

A SUNNY HASH 286 August 20th 2006

Vilnius HHH 286 with Loose End as the hare... 10 hardy hashers turned up on a sunny Sunday at the bridge over the river into Vingio Parkas. Mostly walkers with only Kiltman as a runner... or so we thought as JK set off at a trot... the FRB :) but he couldn't handle it and after 150m he started to walk leaving Kiltman at the front of the trail to tell the story on his own.

Before the On, on the hare explained all the markings would be on the left side of the road... so first road crossing where did Kiltman see the marking... right side of the road.... arrrghhhh :) One false trail through a children's play ground... then on.on to the river... along the river bank on the pathway... up passed the US Ambassabor's house (needed the toilet there but thought better of it:))... along passed the starting point and onto some rougher paths along the river... a few false trails for the runner here & there... one almost to the top of the Karolina Hill... but hey... Kiltman might be old & fat but a hill is still nothing to him:)... back through the woods and joined the trail again to see the walkers heading along the river... then On Inn. A good 47 minutes hard run for Kiltman:) Most enjoyable!!

No christenings in the circle today... mostly down. downs for not wearing Hash kit and so on... Lunch then taken in the Flamingo... a Russian kitchen & very good too... a few decisions made about meeting places (news to follow)...

So thanks to Loose End for another enjoyable Hash Day out :)

penktadienis, rugpjūčio 18, 2006


We recieved an invite to the opening night of the Propaganda Pub on Gedimino 45. Sounds like it might be a sociable affair. If anyone wants to go we can contact & get say... 10 invites? Thoughts??

Dear All:

I would like to invite you to the grand opening of ‘Propaganda Pub’ located on
Gedimino pr. 45. The big event will take place on Saturday, September 2nd at 8 p.m.
This event is by invitation only, so please contact me for your personal
Edyta at or tel. +370 620 670 17.

“A new club Propaganda PUB, recently opened its doors at Gedimino pr. 45 in
Vilnius, near the Parliament. The new club is distinguished not only by its cozy
atmosphere and original interior, but also by its working hours – it will be
open every night from 6pm to 6am. Propaganda PUB provides guests three different environments: the longest bar in town, its length is 24 meters, a large dance floor and a “G-Lounge” sitting area. We hope everyone will find their own spot here, a place making you feel welcome every night, a place you want to come back again and again. The spacious premises of the club allows for private parties; the club has facilities for exclusive entertainment, one of them being for dancing on the dance floor, bar or stage”.

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Vilnius HHH needs you !!!! Autumn & winter are coming - you've had your summer holidays so now it's time to give something back to the great Vilnius HHH. Volunteer as a hare - everyone should take their turn, that's how it works!!! Book your date now (you can leave a note in comments below).

Might need some hares sooner than we thought as Kiltman has just discovered he may be out of the country on September 3rd. Any volunteers???? (JK & SV have offered to set the trail for Sept 3rd, details early next week)

Boggers has a list of those who have volunteered but I'm not sure it goes much beyond the September 3rd hash with Kiltman as hare. It would be good to get a provisional list upto Christmas!!

antradienis, rugpjūčio 15, 2006


A few minutes playing with google earth and we have a spaceside view of the start location of Hash 286.... so now you have no excuse for not coming :) If you can't read Loose End's instructions or read the little map from then you just need to hire a helicoptor or one of those hot air ballon things & you'll find it easily.....

Hey.. there's a thought... those dedicated hashers YK & SV are apparently going up in a ballon... I thought it was for YK's birthday... but now we know it's so they can really see where the hash starts from... ON, ON...

penktadienis, rugpjūčio 11, 2006


Just thinking ahead to the long cold nights of winter ...... with hashes being only every 2 weeks why don't we establish a regular hash meeting evening..... when we can meet old hashers and invite new hashers to join in... my suggestion would be the Tuesday or Wednesday evening at a venue to be decided.

If we did have a regular meeting point then we would maybe be able to include this in the editorial in Vilnius In Your Pocket Guide & maybe it would be a starting point for new members.

I'm also thinking of the idea of a 'car pool' for winter hashes. We would all meet at a designated point and share cars to the start hash point. This would let those without cars get to the hashes easily & also save a bit of hanging about at the hash while we wait for everyone to turn up... guess if we did this we'd need to meet at 11:00 or maybe 11:15 and start the hash at 12:00. Anyway, please add your thoughts on both subjects as comments below.....

ketvirtadienis, rugpjūčio 10, 2006


Breaking news from our hare for hash 286.....

Meet at 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Cost 10 lts per adult cover cost of beer/water/soft drinks. On, on for lunch to be decided......

The hash will meet in Birutes gatve, Zverynas, by the bridge into Vingiu Parkas (see map below). By car go along Kestucio gatve in the centre of Zverynas and turn left (if you are coming from the old town), or right (if you are coming from Karoliniskes, Fabijoniskes and other places) into Pusu or Traideniu or Treniotos gatve, at the end of which you'll see the bridge. If you don't know where you are coming from, go in the general direction of the TV tower which you should see sticking up behind the houses.

By bus use trolley buses 1,3,7 and get out at the Kestucio or Latvio stops.

on on

Loose End

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13 Happy Hashers turned out at Tapeliu on a Wednesday evening blessed with warm sunshine after a couple of days of heavy rain. Out they went following the flouery blobs left earlier in the day by hare Kiltman. Much to the hares surprise the Marines weren't fooled too often by the false trails (they must be learning, clever people these Yanks :) ) . The same can't be said of the happy, hardy walker's who mistook a blob for an arrow head & proceeded to get lost.... so anyway... all was soon well & the emseble moved down the road to Last Virgin's summer house for our barbie.... and finally the re-christening of Hand Job to Needles... although at one point it looked like it could be poker:)

A good time was had by all and a great big ACIU to Last Virgin for hosting the BBQ

antradienis, rugpjūčio 08, 2006


Will it or will it not be a BBQ... well we'll decide at the Hash... see what the weather's like and how many people turn up... so we'll know tomorrow if it's soggy sausage time or not :)

OK... latest update is that it's going to be soggy sausage time tomorrow night after the Full Moon Hash... no need to bring anything except yourself... the Hash will provide the goodies :)

pirmadienis, rugpjūčio 07, 2006


We know the hares & locations of the next two hash's.... August 20th is 'Birutes g. Zverynas bridge which we used on New Years' Day' with Loose End as the hare.... then it's onto September 3rd and the start of the invasion of the Tartan Army so the Hash will have a Scottish theme (and if you can't work out where it is from the photo then you'll need to keep checking back here for details of both hash's)

Vingis Park hash

Sunday's hash was, as usual, a heady mix of fun and laughter especially when Steve aka Boggers aka Hash master took a dive into the mud. Cass as the hare set a very good trail and certainly showed me parts of Vingis that I didn't know about. Cass is soon to be re-named but only when we have a sizeable group of spectators so come and join us as she is desperate to be given a name other than HandJob.

sekmadienis, rugpjūčio 06, 2006


If the weather is nice on Wednesday (and forecast shows sunshine) the LV has suggested we go back to her summer house and have a barbie! Yippee !! Who will have the fatest sausage??

Confirmation will appear here sooner or later

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Remember that hash 284 is down at the Park... by the music stands. Some big questions to be answered.... will Elton John be there in disguise to check out his concert venue? Will there be a Sting in the tail? Will any one be christened? Will Cass's trail be like looking for a needle in a haystack? How long do you think it'll take to get served at lunchtime & will the food be decent?? The only way you can find out the answers to these questions and more is by turning up at Vingis Park for an 11:30 start on Sunday with your 10 lts in your hand

sekmadienis, liepos 30, 2006

Tuesday Evening Orienteering

Anyone who fancy's giving orienteering a go should check this link:

Tuesday evenings start again on August 1st... 16:00 to 19:30. Courses for the good, the bad and the ugly....

Postponed BBQ

Well aren't we lucky that Bogger's decided to postpone his BBQ... coz looking at the weather outside the sausages would be getting a little bit damp. Is that the end of summer??? Should we be thinking about introducing 'winter rules' already???

What will the Guberneja taste like now it's getting the chance to cool down from these high temperatures we've been having??? (the only way to find out is to come along to our next hash on August 6th)

šeštadienis, liepos 29, 2006


August's Full Moon Hash is on Wednesday 9th at 19:30... it's a normal Sunday style hash out at the Lake at Tapeliai.

Head out of town past Baltic America Clinic etc... past the end of the dual road. Last time we went to Silas turning right at the blue or red swimming sign... this time we turn right just before this (there's still a sign to Tapeliai swimming) ... The road goes past Lost Virgin's summer house, through that village , around a few corners, past some trees... then there's a small wooden statue at a junction down to the lake... be there for a 19:30 start.

Hare is Kiltman............

Hash 284 Vingis Park Sunday August 6th

Hash 284 Sunday August 6th
Cass is being the hare for run 284 on August 6th. Start point is down at Vingis Park - park by the little zoo thingy behind the restaurant. 11:15 for an 11:30 start. Usual cost of 10litas for beer / water / coke etc......

Location here:〈=en-US

On, On................................

New Blog Again

Well seems like some people couldn't read the original blog started last week.... so I thought I set up a new one here.....