ketvirtadienis, rugsėjo 28, 2006


The committee meeting planned for October 1st after the next Hash is not going to happen coz we're all lazy so & so's and can't be bother :) But hopefully everyone will get over this period of apathy & we can have a meeting on October 19th... at a place & time to be decided!!!

sekmadienis, rugsėjo 24, 2006

Next hash

...and here are the directions to the next run on Sunday 1 October:

Drive on S. Batoro gatve, from the main roundabout, about 200-300 meters. On the right hand side there will be a small parking lot, on the very edge of the woods. This is where the Hash starts from. Starting time is at 10:00!

And we are starting the car share, so if you have a car with spaces, or if you need a lift, meet at 09:30 at the cathedral end of Pilies.

Next event

Great to see folks dancing and barbequeueueueue-ing yesterday at Boggers' leaving do. Thanks to the chap for putting on a fine spread.

This Wednesday is the fortnightly informal run and social.

Runners: meet 19:00
Everyone else: meet 20:00

Everyone welcome!

venue: Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B (up the hill from Frank Zappa)

Runners can leave their kit at the bar, and then join the social after.

And the next hash is on Sunday 1 October starting at 10:00.


(I'll be away for the next week, but my spirit will be front running!)

pirmadienis, rugsėjo 18, 2006


The next Vilnius HHH Hash takes place near Belmontas on October 1st. But as an early warning this hash WILL START AT 10:00 NOT 11:30 as normal. More information to follow later:)

sekmadienis, rugsėjo 17, 2006


A large turnout of around 25 Happy Hashers appeared in the brilliant sunshine to celebrate Bogger's Last Hash... and an epic Hash it turned out to be:) We chugged off up the hill from Bogger's House into the woods, over one ridge, over another... FRB Kiltman leading out and checking all three checks at the first major check point... nothing found... it was a Bogger's 360... so back we went... next check Kiltman checked to left.. but stopped 5m short of the mark... so the runners grouped up again. Same at next check... 40 minutes gone & we were still heading away from the start point!!! Good thing was we got to see the new footpaths put into the forests... means great skiing is promised in winter :) Hey, ho... how's about a Hash on skis????

Anyway after a bit of huffing & puffying Denis (soon to be named) and Kiltman were real FRB's and staggered home after running for 100 mins!!! About 10 minutes later the rest of the group arrived and onto the circle....

Firstly we had 4 newcomers to welcome... can't remember there names but at least 2 should be regulars (other 2 just visiting)... so a welcoming down, down in order.... then the highlight a triplicate christening... Denis now know as Pubic Stimulation (don't ask) , Anneta as Mary Jam Pole and Ronaldas as Globe Trotter. The threesome were annointed by JK in true style with vast quanities of flour & egg held together by 500g of blueberry jam (Mary JAM Pole.... get it). Pictures will appear in due course!!!! The ex Hash Master ,Boggers, was then 'done' as a final Hash Farewell..... we will all miss hime for one reason or another... no more garage parties, no more SMS calling the usual suspects.... no more lots of things....

But I'm sure everyone will agree it's not the end of an era... but the start of a new one.... ON,ON Vilnius HHH :) :)

šeštadienis, rugsėjo 16, 2006


Vilnius.... we have a problem :) Our website is hosted on geocities and everytime I try to access it to update it crashes :) So no updates at present... keep looking though - I'm sure the problem won't last forever!!! Might even try to use Explorer rather than Firefox :)

penktadienis, rugsėjo 15, 2006


From our new Hash Mattress:

As some of you may already know, the hash held its Annual General Meeting last night at the Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B. The main reason for holding the meeting at this time was that Steve ( Boggers ) will be leaving Lithuania in 2/3 weeks time.
Here is the list of the proposed new committee members:

Hash Mattress/Mistress Squeaky Vibrator
Vice hash Mistress Roadrunner
Vice hash Mistress Flower Power
Religious Adviser Dr. Dirty
Religious Adviser Jauciu Kaka
Hare Raisers Major Pain and Dennis ( soon to be named )
Communications/secretary Needles
Spider Man/Web master Kiltman
Social secretaries Vidal McSoon, Aneta ( soon to be named ), Santa, Gabi and Girls on Top
Hash Cash Vidal McSoon and Squeaky

On the 17th September Boggers will be setting the trail for the hash from his house on Saules G 19/3 so we need as many hashers as possible. This is quite likely to be his last hash with us.
On the 23rd September Boggers is hosting a going away party – possibly barbecue if the weather is nice – at his house.
We will be making a presentation to him from the hashers so, again, we need as many people as possible to come and enjoy themselves.
On to the future. We would like all hashers to encourage past hashers and newcomers to join us, especially local people. Children are always welcome and we would like to start a Young Hashers Club. The hash is not just about ex-pats but, hey, we want everyone to join us and have a good time as well as a little bit of exercise.
To this end we are proposing that every second and fourth Wednesday of the month we meet at the Plieno Paukstis bar on Kalinausko 11B at 19.00 for a very informal run/jog and then meet back at the pub for 20.00/20.30 for drinks. Those that do not run can just turn up for drinks. Runners/joggers will be able to change and leave possessions at the pub. We hope that newcomers to the hash will join us on the social evenings. The next one will be on the 27th September.
We would also like people to come up with ideas for social outings. One suggestion has been to go go-karting which we hope to arrange very soon.
Kiltman has also arranged a weekend at Druskininkai with some good hotel prices arranged for either one or two nights stay. This event will be held towards the end of October and details will follow very soon. We will be having Warsaw hashers joining us for this event so it promises to be a lot of fun.
Kiltman has also worked wonders, together with input from Needles, on our website and blog. Catch up on all the latest news by visiting the site and possibly adding your own comments.
Lastly but by no means least I would like to say a big THANKS to Boggers for all his hard work over the last three years and hope that he has many more happy hashes.

antradienis, rugsėjo 12, 2006


From Hash Central.....

Hash AGM Wednesday, 13 September, from the bar near the American Embassy. 7.30 start I think. Your chance to get rid of the current hash master and elect a new committee.
Next Sunday's hash, 17 September, will start from Boggers house, Saules Gatve 19/3. This may well be his last hash in Vilnius. So please try to come along and support it.

antradienis, rugsėjo 05, 2006


From Boggers:

September's Full Mon was due to take place on Thursday 7 Sept. However, for reasons that will become obvious if you come along, September's Full Moon run will now take place on Friday 8 September. This will be purely a pub crawl, and will begin from Trys Pusales on Antakalnio Gatve at 7pm
Please try to come along. The end is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pirmadienis, rugsėjo 04, 2006

Last Sunday's Run

What a beautiful day Sunday was. The sun was high in the blue blue sky and the trail made the most of these with a couple of fabulous Hash Views. Cruel steep false trails for the runners kept the pack together pretty well, although the runners totaly lost the route towards the end. Hey ho. And Needles did a personal best coming into the finish - running all the way up the drive up the park, she rocks. She is also referring to herself in the third person. Perhaps a sign that she should stop typing, but not before a final thanks to the hares Jauchu and Squeeky.

And get your nominations in for the committee elections.