trečiadienis, balandžio 21, 2010


On Saturday we had a social evening at Sue's Indian Restaurant.  There were 28 of us, not just hashers.

It was a wonderfully mixed group and we all had a great time.  The restaurant worked very hard to serve us all at roughly the same time and I must congratulate Raj and his staff for making the evening go so well.

Now - one for your diaries.  On June 12th, a Saturday, there will be a bike and hike out at Buclos which is our neighbours place near to Rudiskes.

There will be trails of different severity, some suitable for children.

The idea is to raise money to build a sports hall for the local school.  

More details will be given nearer the time but there will be food and drink I am told and Wim ( the neighbour ) has already got the Dutch embassy on board.

Mike and I will be there helping out so please plan ahead and come and join us.

This coming Sunday 25th April 12.00 we will be having brunch at Uzupis Pizzeria which I am told actually does breakfasts though what they are like I don't yet know.

The Sunday after - 2nd May -  which is Mother's Day in Lithuania, there will be a hash, directions to follow later.

Have a great Spring,

On On

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