antradienis, kovo 31, 2009


Hokay..... we've been talking about another tour to follow on from the successful Whisky Tour of 2008.... lets have a discussion & see who wants to go where & when...

Lithuania might be in the midst of a great big recession.... but unless the litas is devalued then it makes the UK a very cheap (ish) venue :)

Now Ryanair are flying to Liverpool.... so that suggests the English Lakes might be a good idea.... instead of a Whisky Tour we could have a CAMRA tour (CAMERA = Campaign for Real Ale)....


Join the discussion on the VH3 forum at:

pirmadienis, kovo 30, 2009



We have a forum site.... on .... hopefully we can use this area as a means of discussion... where is a good place for a Hash, suggest some social activities... complain, promote and so on.... go on, you know you want to :)

ketvirtadienis, kovo 26, 2009


Our next Irish Breakfast will be held at the Dubliner this coming Sunday........ confirming the time as 12:00 new time :)

One Hasher wrote this:-

However, why not book it for 11.30 as normal but warn people about the hour change. Otherwise, smarties will change their clocks and still turn up at 12.30 ( changed time ) rather than 11.30 ( pre-changed time ) ? You could say for example "11.30 new time" or "11.30 - that's after you've changed your clocks" or "12.30 - new time" ( whichever you want ).
And also warn them ( because some still get confused ( North American teachers particularly ) that the clocks move forward from 02.00 to become 03.00 ( and not the other way round! ).